We Went to the Cinema

I don’t know how movie houses were treated elsewhere, they were under lockdown for about a year, and we got kind of used to not seeing any movies.  I mean my Bride started doing “binge” watching almost anything that was suggested to hear, and most of the descriptions were enough to keep me from ever watching television again.  It has been over thirty years for television and once I give up something, it is almost impossible to make me return to a habit, just like cigars.   Anyways, we went to see the third part of a film series, a prequel to a nine-part film series that I enjoyed.  The big “shock” was filmed in such a way that any country that wanted to censor the scene, could without any problems,as long as it wasn’t in the States.  Also, the villain and one of the main actors was paid a fortune to not work, in the film, and he may have the last laugh, because the replacement actor, I only remember as a villain in the latest series of James Bond films.  We went to a huge I-Max theater presentation where you had to select your seat, which was kind of silly, as there were only eight people in the audience, the clean-up crew outnumbered the attendees.  I guess the old days of a Saturday matinee with popcorn, Pepsi, a candy bar and return bus money for a buck is history, or maybe a figment of my imagination.  

It was a date night, at least in my generation, a movie and a film with your wife is a date.  We had some gift cards to a chain restaurant and I really want to get rid of all the gift cards we had amassed, before the lockdown, as I am not sure how stable any of the chains are that survived.  On top of that, I do prefer independent restaurants, as I think they work harder to keep the customers satisfied.  We were kind of full from all the popcorn we ate and my Bride wanted a Caprese Salad, but this was house made Burrata cheese and grape-tomatoes with a light dressing.  She had a large pour of Chloe Wine Collection Pinot Grigio Valdadige DOC 2020.  Romanian born Georgetta Dane is the winemaker for the Chloe Wine Collection and they are based in Northern California, but she sources wines from famed regions.  This is one of my Bride’s favorite varietals when she is out and about, and this wine came from an area that is known for Pinot Grigio in Northern Italy.  I am sure that this wine was produced in Stainless Steel with minimum aging.  The wine was a soft straw color and offered white fruits and soft floral notes.  On the palate fruit forward tones of peach, apple and honeysuckle with a crisp finish.  

I started off with a bowl of Lentil Soup with Italian Sausage and there was a nice little zing to it.  My entrée was the “Shrimp & Scallop Linguine Alla Vodka” in a tomato Vodka cream sauce.  I paired it with their suggestion of Il Borro Pian di Nova Toscana IGT 2018.  Il Borro is located in hills of Tuscany and have forty-five hectares of famed international varieties and also Sangiovese, planted in 1997.  The grounds are mostly loamy and sandy with excellent drainage.    The majority of their portfolio is a collection of Toscana IGT wines.  While this wine is an entry level product for them, it still gets a lot of attention.  The wine is a blend of seventy-five percent Syrah and twenty-five percent Sangiovese.  The two varieties are vinified separately, but under the same regimen of maceration for two days in Stainless Steel and fermentation for ten days and then the juice is left on the skins for an additional twenty days.  After the racking of the juice, the wine is kept in Stainless Steel to mature for six months, then the wine is decanted and the two wines are blended and matured for twelve months in used oak barrels and then aged for an additional six months in the bottle before distribution.   The wine had a nice ruby red color with notes of black and red fruits, floral and spices.  The wine offers tones of black fruits and mellow tannins and has a medium length finish of fruit and spices.  A delightful affordable wine, even in a restaurant setting.          

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