Two Different Types of Bubbles

I do enjoy my trips to my local wine shop The Fine Wine Source, because I never know, what I may encounter.   I mean there are some days, when they text me, about a special tasting and other times, I just walk in, sometimes to chat, but mostly to pick up some wine category that we are getting low on.  Then there are times, when they are really busy, and rather interrupt, I just can always come back; it is not that far of a drive.  I am going to compare two distinct sparkling wines, and I will tell you, that I am not a major fan of sparkling wines, but I always make sure that we have some on hand.  Actually, I am probably a wuss, as I prefer a Sec, over a Brut, but then in the old days, they claimed that the not really secret, secret in Champagne was that the import market liked the term Brut, but the wine usually shipped was Sec.  It has probably changed in the last fifty years. 

Champagne Andre Clouet is a producer of grower Champagne in the Grand Cru village of Bouzy, and all of the wines are exclusively Pinot Noir.  The estate actually has eight hectares on the mid slopes in the villages of Bouzy and Ambonnay, all on the famed chalk soils of the region.  Andre Clouet Silver Brut Zero Dosage NV is from an estate going back to the 17th Century and the foundation of the house began in 1741 and over the years they have built up, to what they now hold.  All Champagne must rest on the lees for twelve months and Non-Vintage Champagne must mature in the bottle for fifteen months, plus a minimum of additional three months after the dosage.   On Brut Zero Dosage, the last steps are not required.  The Silver Brut Nature is a blend of thirty-five percent reserve wine, to maintain a consistent flavor year in and year out, this reserve wine is similar to the Solera system that is found in the Sherry houses of Spain.  This wine is a pretty straw yellow color with medium to small bubbles, with notes of apples and pears, on the palate a creamy finish with a nice finish of terroir; but for me, it was just too acidic, while others were totally enjoying this wine (so, it must just be me).

Mascaro Brut Nature Cava Penedes NV is from a family business that in the 19th Century were wine traders.  In 1919 the company was known as Mascaro Widow & Sons and in 1940 they purchased the Mas Miquel vineyards, formerly the property of the Cistercian Monastery in the foothills of Tarragona and in 1946 they created the Montserrat Mascaro brand.   The wine is a blend of eighty percent Parellada and twenty percent Macabeo; the fruit is hand-harvested and pressed without destemming and only the juice from the first pressing and aged for twenty-four months in bottle, after fermentation.  The wine is a pale yellow/golden color with a slight greenish tinge and fine bubbles and notes of stone fruit.  On the palate a creamy finish with apricots and peaches and a dry taste, without being bitter or too acidic, with a nice finish of yeast.  I really enjoyed this wine. 

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