Taking Coals to Newcastle

One of the most famous idioms, if people still use them; is it still taught in English classes; is English still taught?  We hosted a nice dinner party for my sister to celebrate her birthday and naturally the question always arises “what can I bring?” and the response is always “just yourselves.” Good manners I hope will always survive or we may as well just become barbarians.  I mention this, because we were given a host and hostess gift, which was totally unrequested and unnecessary.  Actually, I am impressed, because most people say “I wouldn’t know what kind of wine to buy for you.”  To tell the truth, we are always gracious whenever someone is so kind and considerate.

The first hostess gift was Villa Sonia Pinot Grigio delle Venezia DOC 2019 and that is varietal that always catches my Bride’s eye.  Venezia is the Italian name for Venice, as well as the province and for a DOC designation that was granted in 2010.  It is an appellation that follows a grape as in Prosecco or Glera or in this case Pinot Grigio and seventy-five percent of this DOC is in white wines. It is amazing that this is considered the second largest selling Pinot Grigio in the district and the winery does not have a website. I will venture to say that the wine is probably produced in Stainless Steel and very little time for aging to produce a crisp fruit forward wine.  Some of the reviews I have seen list this wine as a soft pale straw color, with notes of floral and citrus, while on the palate, soft citrus and a touch of lilac with a slight finish of flint (terroir).

The other hostess wine is Canoe Ridge Vineyard “The Expedition” Merlot Canoe Ridge Vineyard, Horse Heaven Hills 2018 of Walla Walla, Washington.  Canoe Ridge Vineyard is one of Washington states most recognized winery brand and it was established in 1989 and in 2014, they celebrated their Twentieth Anniversary.  The name of the ridge was actually named by Lewis and Clark in 1805 as they journeyed down the Columbia River.  This winery has a website, but lacks any production notes, but I eventually found out that this wine is ninety-one percent Merlot and nine percent Syrah.  The wine is described as having notes of dark berries and on the palate flavors of currant, cherry and candied violet, with a silky finish.    

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