Thats “Amore”

“When the stars start to shine, like you’ve had too much wine – that’s amore.”  If you are of my age and era, those lyrics are totally recognizable.  One of his trademark songs, in fact, I can’t think of anyone else doing a version of that song, except for his old partner in a film clip from one of their movies.  Dean Martin was singular and did music, radio, film and television and mastered each venue and always made it seem so simple and fun.  When I was a kid in elementary school, my parents would allow me to stay up on Thursday nights only, to watch The Dean Martin Show which broadcasted at 10:00PM when I had to go to sleep at nine, the rest of the week. 

As you know, I tend to ramble on, and all this is because I belong to several different social media sites and one site, periodically I see photos from a page that is a Dean Martin adulation page and I think it is out of Steubenville, Ohio.  Now, I have been to many places in Ohio, but I have never been to Steubenville and maybe in my retirement, we may go there for a weekend to wander around.  If you are a fan, you know that is Dean’s hometown.  Anyway, there was a photo that piqued my interest.  A bottle of “Amore” Dean Martin 80th Birthday wine.  There was nothing else I could learn about the wine, though it would be a great label for my scrapbook.  I will surmise that it is a red wine, but beyond that, I am lost. 

I know that this is a fluff piece, but it would gnaw at me, if I didn’t write about this wine.  I grew up watching the Rat Pack and knew all of their corny jokes, and they are very tame compared to what is considered comedy today.  Las Vegas has been a Siren call to me, since the Seventies.  Before Dean performed at the “Megum” which is how he pronounced the MGM, he and the boys entertained at The Sands, which was also the homebase for their home movie “Ocean’s 11” and to me, it is still entertaining.  My Bride once had to put her foot down and say no, when I saw a full-size movie poster of that film, signed by every star, every co-star, and every cameo actor in the film.  There were only two problems, the poster would have been difficult to display properly in our house, and back in the day, it was about the price of Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz.  Maybe one day, I will find a bottle of the wine or the label, until then I can just admire all of the talent that appeared one week at The Sands. 

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