Another Dinner at Chartreuse

The Park Shelton is not normally convenient for us, but it is ideal when we are on the grounds of Mid-Town, where the museums, including the Detroit Institute of Arts where we had just left, and the campus of Wayne State University.  This was a hotel back in the day, famed for having Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo living there, when he was painting the masterpiece of a mural on the walls of the DIA glorifying the automobile and the assembly line. The hotel was opened in 1926 as the Wardell Hotel, named after Fred Wardell of the Eureka Vacuum Company. Later it became part of the Sheraton group, originally as the Wardell-Sheraton, then later as the Park-Sheraton. When it ceased to be part of the Sheraton group it became the Park Shelton and it went from a hotel to an apartment building and now condominiums. Some of the famous celebrities that frequented there were George Burns and Gracie Allen, and Bob Hope.  There is a charming bistro on the main floor of the hotel, named Chartreuse and they probably have the largest collection of Chartreuse in the state.

As we were seated, we were informed that we could only dine for ninety minutes, which seems to be the norm, since the draconian rules of dining out have been removed by our harridan.  Dinner at Chartreuse Kitchen and Cocktails is fun, as it is a tapas style restaurant and they tend to bring out dishes as they are finished, rather than a set order and the meals are designed for sharing.  I will relay the dishes as they appeared at the table.  The first dish that arrived was the Potato Pierogi, with Corned Beef, Brussels Sprout Salad, Beer Mustard and Sour Cream.  We had just finished this plate when three dishes arrived simultaneously.  We had a plate of Grilled Broccolini with Romesco Sauce, Scallions and Duck Skin.  Scallops with Chestnut, Blood Orange, Pomegranate, Apple and Oxalis.  Tortellini with Duck Confit, Sweet Potato, Parsnip, Leeks in a Cream Sauce.  So, we both asked for a side plate and created our own plates.  They had several fun desserts, but we decided to split one as we were quite full, so we had some coffee and the Lemon Pistachio creation of Lemon Curd, Mascarpone Mousse, Roasted White Chocolate, Blood Orange and Mint.  And it seems that we had time to have another traditional pose with the distinct background walls in chartreuse; and I take lousy selfies. 

Chartreuse Kitchen and Cocktails prides themselves on their selection of Chartreuse, unique cocktails and a tight and curated “organic” wine carte.  As I was studying the menu, I was trying to juggle different dishes for a wine, and then I just selected some bubbles.  I mean, how many people have told me that they enjoy bubbles with any dish.  We had a bottle of Jean-Francois Quenard Cuvee Entre Amis Cremant de Savoie Brut Zero NV.  Cremant de Savoie is the eighth region to get the Cremant designation in 2015, prior they had to be labeled Vin de Savoie Cremant.  In 2018, there was a total of fifty-seven hectares among a possible forty-four villages that can produce the wine.  In the region there are several Quenard families, so the first names are also listed on the labels. The family domaine of Jean-Pierre and Jean-Francois, has been handed down by family since 1644.  The family estate is seventeen hectares on a mix of clay and limestone grounds.  The wine is made of sixty percent Jacquere, twenty percent Pinot Noir and twenty percent Chardonnay; Jacquere is an indigenous grape and must make up sixty percent of the blend.  The initial fermentation and then the malolactic fermentation is done in Stainless Steel, then bottled and aged on slats for fifteen months with no additional dosage; though by law this wine can be made up to demi-sec depending on the market.  The wine was a pretty gold color with small bubbles.  Notes of cut grass and apples, with a delightful acidity with plenty of freshness, and a nice finish that just wanted you to have another taste.  A very pleasant wine with the assembled plates that we enjoyed.    

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