R + R Chardonnay and Napa 5

It was a pleasure to be in my local wine shop, the Fine Wine Source of Livonia, Michigan, with all of the activity and customers coming to see Roger Louer and to taste his wines.  The Roberts + Rogers wines were an amazing pull, and even though we were supposed to have booked a certain time frame, so as not to incur the wrath of the sycophants, it was like we were at a televised Awards show, and masks were not required and no one was as close to the next person as they were photographed at the awards show.  The response was great and the wine people and the customers were all having a grand time.  Just like in the old days.  Maybe wine is the secret.

We started off the tasting with a Roberts + Rogers Reserve Chardonnay, Napa Valley 2018.  A great way to start as this wine was aged for almost twelve months.  Sixty percent of the juice was aged in French Oak and forty percent was aged in Stainless Steel and then the two juices were blended and then finally bottled.  It was a stellar example of a California Chardonnay, that would probably fool people in a blind taste test.  It was crisp and buttery and very smooth, with some floral notes and a nice finish that evoked another taste. 

We then had the Roberts + Rogers “Napa 5” Cabernet Sauvignon NV.  The wine came from five different vineyards, all from the rockiest part of the Louer Vineyard.  It is non-Vintage, as it is blended from a couple of vintages and very proprietary for a Cabernet Sauvignon wine.  Hand harvested from the loamy terrain, the wine was aged for a total of eighteen months in French Oak and the initial release was June 2018.  There were three hundred cases produced and all were done with a screw cap.  This was a beautiful red, fruit forward with plenty of deep red fruit and a surprisingly long finish with a lot of terroirs.  They felt that a screw cap was the perfect way to offer this casual wine that could be drank immediately or it could be cellared.  The rave reviews for these two wines from the other tasters, was enough to make sure that our order was filled with these two for sure, somehow, we can always squeeze some more room for a couple more cases of wine.   

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