Only 25 Cases Made

Twenty-five cases of wine, is one barrel of wine, and we had a chance to try not one, but two different wines made in these numbers at the Korbin Kameron wine tasting at the Fine Wine Source.  For years, when I was just learning about wines, I would hear how some of the famed Medoc houses made a barrel or two of white wine for their own consumption.  I also heard how some of the great houses of Sauternes would make a barrel or two of dry white wine for their own personal consumption as well.  Years later, many of those wines are now being shared with the public, if one can find them.  Think of Pavillon Blanc du Chateau Margaux or Chateau d’Yquem “Y” Ygrec. 

Korbin Kameron Semillon Moon Mountain District 2018 is an Estate Grown wine. Semillon is probably one of the least known, major varietals in the wine industry.  It makes some of the greatest sweet wines and it also makes some of the greatest dry wines.  Its home is Bordeaux, though it is done extremely well in parts of Australia and among a few wineries in California.  A wine that starts in Stainless Steel and finishes in oak.  I actually had a chance to try this wine ahead of time before the actual tasting and I reserved some of the wine for my cellar, and I knew that my Bride would love it.  She did. This organically made wine used native yeasts and had a nose that I would call plush floral and citrus, and it brought notes of citrus and ripe pear with a nice lingering long count finish.  In fact, we knew someone that was going to the tasting on the next day, and they had pulled the wine from the tasting group, as there were only three bottles left of three hundred.  We bought the three and I contacted my friend, to see if he wanted them, without a taste, and he took my word for them, and we will make arrangements for him to pick them up.  I knew that we could somehow, find room for an extra three bottles of this caliber.

Korbin Kameron Malbec Moon Mountain District 2016 is an Estate Grown wine.  Malbec tends to be one of the forgotten grapes of Bordeaux, the important grape of Cahoors and Argentina. Here is a wine that was aged for eighteen months in French Oak and half was new. The wine was an inky dark purple, the kind that stains your teeth so easily.  The nose was a mix of dates, plums and some chocolate (which is one of the ethereal notes that I seldom notice).  It was fruit forward with flavors of dark bramble fruit and very concentrated flavors and tannins with a softer finish of terroir. This was a wine that my Bride was gushing over and usually not about a Malbec, so it is very easy, just to jot down numbers as you try to figure out your order. It is not often that I find such wonderful wines, especially in such limited production of three hundred bottles and I really can’t wait to see what some cellar time does to this wine.   

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