A Lunch That Ended Well

We were meeting a friend out in Brighton for lunch the day after Independence Day.  We picked up the friend at her house and had some bubbles before we went out for the actual lunch.  We had made a reservation, because I was just happy to find a restaurant open on a Monday, since our state is still suffering from the problems incurred by the lockdown.  We got to the restaurant and I opened the door to let them enter, and this woman in a Polo Shirt Dress took advantage that I was still holding the door open and almost knocked the women over trying to get to the desk and pulled her weight as a regular to get this table overlooking the pedestrian traffic in the town.  My Bride had set her eyes upon that table and she was miffed to put it mildly.  We were taken to a nice booth and my Bride complained to our waitress, but told her that it would not affect our feelings towards her service.  Our waitress went and got one of the owners and she attempted to alleviate the problem with some comped dishes and that was not what my Bride had in mind and told the owner, that was not her goal. 

The table calmed down and it took a while to order our lunches, just because we were so busy chatting.  The two ladies eventually settled on the Blackened Salmon Salad with mixed greens, arugula, bleu cheese, red onion, pumpkin seeds, dried Michigan cherries and edamame in a Maple Vinaigrette topped with Brussel Sprout chips.  Each salad would have sufficed a party of four with shared plates, so both of the ladies immediately requested a take home box and they actually put more than half in the box and it was still over-kill for both of the ladies, especially with the nice dinner rolls.  I went with their New England Lobster Roll with Old Bay Tarragon Aioli, baby arugula and pickled red onions on a Brioche roll with a side of cracked pepper kettle chips.  When all was said and done and we were calling for our bill, the restaurant sent over a huge slab of their Carrot Cake and a Crème Brulee as well. 

During the early portion of the meal as we were getting everything ordered, I had ordered a split of wine, as it was the only way the wine was offered and it sounded it interesting.  It turned out that the bartender, who usurped the hostess and gave the table to the obnoxious impatient woman, could not find the wine and our waitress asked if I would make a second selection, which I did.  When she came back to serve the wine, she had my original selection, the owner found the wine, that the bartender could not find and I was informed that there was a second split, if we needed it, and we did eventually.  We had Terra Alpina by Alois Lageder Pinot Grigio Dolomiti 2018 from the Alto Adige region in northern Italy.  Alois Lageder is a reknowned wine producer from the Alto Adige region and the winery was established in 1823 and has been family owned ever since.  The winery has one-hundred-ten hectares of vineyards spread across the region.  The top wines are from their “Masterpieces” series, followed by their “Compositions” and then some classical grape varieties.  Then they have two collections Riff and Terra Alpina and the fruit is harvested from partner-growers in the area.  Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT designation is basically from the Trentino-Alto Adige region with a bit in the Veneto district as well and is named for the Dolomite Mountain range which is the main range. The IGT was introduced in Italy in 1997 and for this region covers red, white, rosé, blend, varietal, dry, still, sparkling and sweet wines.  The majority of the white wines are from Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay, this was a charming and easy drinking Pinot Grigio that had some character and a nice finish, so it was easy to understand why we ended up having a second bottle of the wine, as it evaporated so quickly; that really is a problem with splits.  Our final verdict is that we will go back to the restaurant as our waitress was wonderful and the owner did a great job as well and the food was delicious and plentiful.

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