Father’s Day Brunch 2021

I am really curious what the new approved wording will be for Father’s Day will be.  Right after Mother’s Day we found out that it is now “birthing parent” and for that alone, I pray to God, for taking my mother years ago, as I can just imagine going into a Hallmark store to buy a birthing parent card.  I will pass and forego another instance of being politically correct and still use the term “mother.” We took our son and his wife out for Father’s Day brunch and found a restaurant out in this direction, and afterwards my Bride and I were going to do some shopping. 

We went to Bill’s, which on the face of it sounds like a corner eatery, and there is nothing wrong with that, but Bill actually owns several very fine restaurants and this was his latest venture, and we tried it long after the dust had settled and this was the only one left that we hadn’t tried.  It was where the old Fox and Hounds was located, and Bill’s capitalized on that and made a gentrified setting that was very comfortable. My Bride had a very fancy interpretation of Avocado Toast which seems to be the rage across the country and it was topped with two poached eggs. She just about always eats healthier than I, my brain still thinks that I am an immortal teenager.  I had Braised Short Ribs Hash with crispy diced potatoes and two poached eggs.  I adore Braised Short Ribs, though it is easier to let the restaurant do all the work and this dish is becoming my normal Brunch selection when possible.  Our son and his wife basically ordered the similar dishes, and then the four of us ordered two different desserts and we shared.

My Bride and I started the day, just like any other Sunday with Mimosas.  The restaurant I guess doesn’t get too many heathens, so they don’t offer a version of Bottomless Mimosa, and it was more economical just to order a bottle and carafe of orange juice.  We had a bottle of Bocelli Family Prosecco Extra Dry NV, and they have been producing wine for about three hundred years in Tuscany.  In case you were wondering, this is the same Bocelli family that has the famous opera singer Andrea Bocelli.  Also, in case you were wondering, in 2011 they acquired vineyards and contracts further north to produce both a Pinot Grigio and a Prosecco wine.  The Prosecco is made using the bulk method or the Charmat Method. For Mimosas it was perfect, as I had to try some neat before I adulterated it with orange juice.  During dessert, I splurged a little bit and had a glass of wine from Famille Sichel, their Maison Sichel Sauternes 2017.  The Maison Sichel collection is from their negocient side of the business.  The wine is a blend of ninety-five percent Semillon and five percent Sauvignon Blanc from vines that are about fifty years of age.  The wine is aged for ten to twelve months and they recommend that eight to ten years of cellar time before drinking, and that did not happen here.  The wine is very balanced and was rather refreshing, which was a good thing to discover at Brunch and it had a beautiful nose and color, what one would expect from a Sauternes. My curiosity was piqued, because one of our go-to wines at the house is Famille Sichel Sirius which is a Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon blend.  The day was starting off beautifully. 

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