Our Last Night in Vegas

I am sure that anyone else that was writing an article with a title like that, would give you a spectacular night of revelry, drinking, gambling, dining and other hedonistic pursuits.  Sorry, we were out there to visit the children and grandchildren and with Las Vegas being almost run into the ground like here in Michigan, the odds of getting all of my children together was a long shot, as they had to work to maintain their employment and their families.  We were going to meet my son and his wife at a new Fusion-style restaurant called JING in Downtown Summerlin.  What a joke, the music was so loud, that a gang-banger in his car with the volume and the bass turned all the way up, would complain that he couldn’t hear the “music” in his car, because of the restaurant.  We had a reservation, the first hostess couldn’t hear and took us to another party’s table and dumped us, then we went back and they gave us a big booth, and the manager had a fit, and moved us to a patio table, so that we could be right next to the speakers, because I am sure that he had someone that would tip him big for that booth, at least that was the attitude he impressed me with; and I have been going to Vegas way before he was even born.  Our table was so loud, that I left our waitress a couple of dollars for her effort of bringing water and we left. 

We made a phone call and secured a table for dinner at Grape Street, where my Bride and I had lunch a couple of days earlier.  Thankfully our eardrums had not been damaged and we could have a nice dinner and conversation, I think my son, was embarrassed, because he said that the last time that he had been there with his wife, it was just an upscale restaurant, and then he went with his wife there again after we had left and he told me it was fine again, it was just our night that they were trying to make everyone deaf.  It was all good, because we started out with Baked Brie in a puff pastry with toasted hazelnuts, caramelized onions, and apricot preserve.  We also had a platter of Crab Stuffed Shrimp, Snow Crab stuffing, Scampi Sauce with Cheese and Charcuterie.  Our Daughter-in-Law had a classic interpretation of Chicken Piccata with free-range breast cutlets, leek mashed potatoes, asparagus, and lemon, caper butter sauce.  My Bride had the Blackened Salmon with hearts of Romaine, pineapple, mandarin oranges, garlic croutons and Caesar dressing.  My Son and I both had the special of the evening and the first time I ever had a dish like it; we had Spicy Scallops, and were they ever, with a Seafood Risotto and asparagus.  We were stuffed after dinner, with no room for dessert.

The wine selection was kind of easy, as I knew that a white wine was the way to go, but with the Blackened spices and the Spicy Scallops, I thought I needed a white with a bit more body and character.  I went with a bottle of Domaine Champalou Vouvray La Cuvee les Fondraux 2018.  Catherine and Didier Champalou both came from vignerons families.  They started their Domaine in 1983 in Vouvray in the Loire Valley.  Vouvray is the home of Chenin Blanc and is known locally as Pineau de la Loire.  The Pineau de la Loire can be made as Petillant (Sparkling), Sec (dry and crisp), Demi-Sec (off-dry) or in a botrytized wine called Moelleux, and the Domaine Champalou makes all four versions.  They own a total of twenty-one hectares of vineyards on clay and limestone soils; and they have embraced sustainable farming.  La Cuvee les Fondraux is their Demi-Sec offering from a four-hectare plot with vines averaging about forty-five years in age.   The grapes are immediately pressed and goes directly to oak barrels for slow fermentation, and they keep tasting the juice, until they find the proper balance of sugar and then the juice is chilled to stop the fermentation.  The wine is then aged in the same barrels on its lees for eleven months before bottling. It was a perfect way to end our trip, especially because we could have a nice conversation.     

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