Nick and Nora Land in Vegas

I think the greatest invention is wheeled luggage, because in the old days of Pullman suit cases, which we still have, the Red Cap or later on the Sky Cap handled everything for you.  Nowadays, it is rather difficult to pack for a week at a time and get everything into one checked bag and one carry-on.  It is the carry-on luggage that can be a killer these days, as sometimes it seems like the terminal you are at, is in another county from where the luggage claim carousels are.  Then once you get the checked luggage, which feel like steamer trunks as you pull them off of the carousel, you have to schlepp them first to the bus to get to the rental car center and then more schlepping to get your car.  Then there is my allegiance to Detroit to get an American car and of course, because I am old, I want a sedan with a trunk big enough to load the luggage into. 

Then before we get to our hotel/casino out in the Summerlin area, we have to stop and load up with goodies for the room.  There is Instant Oatmeal that we can start the day off using the coffee maker in the room, and the coffee is essential.  We get a bunch of bananas to last the week for our Potassium, and also fruit for the room.  We have to get some Pepsi and Gator Ade, just because; and we also have to get bottled water, both in bulk form and smaller drinkable size.  The residents of Las Vegas get bottled water for drinking, they don’t drink tap water.  We also need cheese and crackers to nosh on, I mean one has to be comfortable and kind of feel like home.  We also had to get some wine for the room.  Another discovery on this trip, is that there are no Bellmen, so I had to give my driver’s license to the Valet Parking booth, so that I could get a luggage cart to move everything in one trip.

Another reason for checking luggage is so that one can have a corkscrew handy and I always have one in my Dobb kit; I am sure that a cork screw would be deemed a lethal weapon and I can’t travel without a razor or a corkscrew.  The first we selected for the room was Pascal Bouchard Chablis Le Classique 2018 and it is pure Chardonnay.  Maison Pascal Bouchard is located in the town of Chablis in the northern end of the Burgundy region or department.  The fruit for this wine is from both slopes and on the plains with Calcareous (chalky) clay soil.  Chablis became a part of Burgundy back in the 15th Century and is even located in a different department, and it is a rather different white Burgundy wine.  This wine is aged for around nine months in temperature-controlled Stainless-Steel tanks with the juice on the lees (Sur Lie).  This wine offered good citrus notes, both to the nose and in 2018 the taste with a touch of saline from the sea air, and a medium finish of terroir.  It was very pleasant and perfect to enjoy in the room, and eventually I hope when there is a return to the old normal, that I won’t have to drink my wine out of plastic cups that were shrink-wrapped.   The second wine was Domaine Roger Luquet Saint-Veran Cuvee Vers les Monts 2018.  Domaine Roger Luquet in 2017 changed their name to “Domaine Luquet Since 1878” and it has had six generations as the stewards of the land and winery. They own thirty hectares of vines and are predominately Chardonnay with some Pinot Noir for their red wines.  The vineyards are in Pouilly-Fuisse, Pouilly-Loche, Saint-Veran, Macon Villages and they also produce a Cremant de Bourgogne.   Saint-Veran gets its name from the town of Saint-Verand, but due to some clerical error when the appellation was created in 1971, the town lost a “d” and the wines must be dry white wines made from the Chardonnay grape.  The average age for the vines is forty years and this wine is made from a very stony plot and is aged in oak for five months.  The wine was a bit heavier and was not as floral or citrusy and offered more of hazelnuts, almonds and a touch of vanilla, and finished with a medium length of terroir of the chalky soil.

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