I Have No Idea What to Expect

I could care less about all of the badgering on Social Media for getting vaccinated.  I do know that the vaccines were created last year and originally it seemed that politicians were getting the vaccine first.  My Bride got her vaccine almost immediately by some sort of lottery through one of the hospitals that she has to frequent at times.  I on the other hand had to try to get on some waiting list, at grocery stores and drug stores, the first two places one thinks of, for getting medical attention.  This proves my theory that government and medicine should be two separate entities.  Then by chance, I found out that my own municipality was going to administer the vaccine and I got on the for the next day.  It was ironic, that after all the seniors that died because our harridan put all the sick people in senior citizen homes instead of Federally funded emergency hospitals, my city had to take over a Senior Citizen facility to administer the shots; using EMT staff.  I mention it, because I wanted to see our two children and five grandchildren that live in Las Vegas.  I was more concerned that I might not be able to fly, without proof of inoculation, by the nanny state.

It has been two years since we were there, because we held off going in our usual time, because our eldest grandson was graduating from High School and we were planning on throwing him a graduation party.  As we all know, that the best laid plans of mice and men ended up littering the landscape like all of the masks that one finds on the streets.  Instead of quarantining the ill, we locked up the healthy and shut down the country, because the state governments thought that we should be on the dole.

As I write this, I have no idea what to expect when we arrive in Las Vegas.  Everything is up in the air, their governor shut down all of the casinos, in a basically one industry state.  I could just picture how that could have played out, if the city was still “family-owned” instead of “corporate.” The city became a real-life ghost town in the west.  From what I learned, is that the only true activity are the pimps and hustlers that have taken over the crosswalks on The Strip.  This type of activity was never allowed during the glory days, when couples got all dressed up for the evening. It shall be an adventure, as I think back to the days of The Sands and The Rat Pack, when one never knew what could happen when they were filming Ocean’s 11.

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