Covides Gran Gesta Brut Reserva Cava

Sunday has become a true day of rest, unless Mother Nature decides to bring more of that white stuff around here.  I am getting worn out, even with the use of a snow blower keeping the sidewalks and driveway clean, and I wish some of the others in our neighborhood would be as diligent.  Yesterday there was a strange alien yellow glow in the sky and we were so distracted by it, that we decided to try to do our daily walk that has been relegated to a treadmill.  It was rather frustrating and we only did about half of our usual circuit, because neither of us are spring chickens and with all of the snow and ice, not to mention extra vehicles in driveways made trying to walk on the sidewalks very treacherous.  One of my other Winter pet peeves is that people will get lazy and make a path maybe using their snow blower twice, when they should actually do a third lap.  There were some sidewalks that were not wide enough for us to walk side by side and hand in hand.

That was yesterday and this is today and we are planning our usual Sunday routine.  My Bride makes an excellent breakfast for us to enjoy, and then she basically attends mass for shut-ins, since the whole state is still in lockdown mode.  The Chinese virus is more lethal in a church or cathedral compared to a Walmart Superstore according to the unattested and unseen science that our satrap dictates from.  She watches mass on one of the “smart” televisions, while on the phone with one of her girlfriends; and she is a real girlfriend, because she allows my Bride to sing with gusto during the service.  My Bride liked the bubbles that we had for breakfast and changed the dinner selection to Center Cut Pork Chops with Onions and the last of the Armenian Cheese Boregs.  I didn’t complain at all. 

The bubbles that we had for our brunch that she decided that we would have for dinner as well was Covides Gran Gesta Brut Reserva NV from Catalonia, Spain.  Covides Vinedos-Bodegas was founded in 1963 as a unification of more than six-hundred farmers to make wine from their own grapes.  It was also the introduction of mechanization.  They built two wineries to focus on the uniqueness of wines, instead of bulk wine production.  In the early 1980’s they began the production and sales of Cava.  In 2005, Covides expanded and built a new cava with the capacity of seven-and-a-half-million bottles.  This wine is a blend of fifty-five percent Xarel-lo, thirty-five percent Macabeo and twenty percent Parellado.  It was made in the Methode Traditionelle, or the classic production methods used in the Champagne region of France and the wine spent sixteen months of aging.  The wine had nice smaller bubbles and offered up pears and apples for a subtle flavor, but offered a short finish.  We enjoyed the wine through dinner and through the Zoom session as well.

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