What a Great Idea

Let us ask Sherman to take us into “the wayback machine” to just maybe January or February when the world was unchanged.  My Bride worked for a company, just like the majority of Americans did, and she would go to the office at least five days a week.  Her company periodically would have “health” challenges for the employees with little incentives to sweeten the pot, so to speak.  They were sponsoring a program by Weight Watchers and there were several different ranks of perks offered, depending on the success of the individual.  Weight Watchers is not a diet company, though I guess they do sell food items, but the main thrust of the program is to make you reprogram your eating habits to become healthier.  I guess depending on parameters for each individual, one is assigned daily points and you can eat almost anything you desire, but once you hit the total for the day, you have to stop eating, or just eat the fruits and vegetables that have zero points, if you start the day off with Bananas Foster and Mimosas.  My Bride is very competitive, especially with these challenges from her company and over the years she has done quite well.

I didn’t think she was heavy, but once the gauntlet was laid down, she jumped on it with full support and she achieved better results than she had originally hoped for and she has maintained it.  Since the challenge began, the world changed and people were stuck at home, and some people went on eating binges out of frustration and the gyms and spas were shut down.  She persevered and changed some of her culinary techniques, learned new recipes, because we were home together all the time, though she continued to work, but now from home.  Her clothes all had to be put away or given away, as she went down several sizes, and women’s sizing is still a mystery to me. Now you may be wondering what all this rambling is leading to, well as you may know, we happen to like wine in this household.  Red wines and white wines and whether it is a three ounce pour or a five or six ounce pour have point values and if you want a glass of wine with dinner, you may have to forgo a dessert, to maintain the points.  The 3K walks we do in the morning is also a leveraging device for the point counts.  We took a commercial grade wine glass and made markings of three- and five-ounce pours, and periodically we would have to remark the glass, because repeated washings would start making the lines disappear.  This is where the great idea comes into this narrative.  Weight Watchers was selling these wine glasses that were much more elegant that had subtle ounce markings etched in the glass in a decorative motif, so that it didn’t look proletarian. 

They arrived and were immediately pressed into service.  The first dinner with the new glasses was Panko encrusted Salmon with sides of fresh asparagus and diced and roasted sweet potatoes, followed by Chocolate Pudding.  For the wine we have been still experimenting and chilling some of the older white wines that have been forgotten about, or relegated to second place, because some other wine may have been the hot wine at the moment for us, and that is normal for almost any category of items, it is just human nature.  I found several bottles of Conundrum California White Wine 2008 by Caymus which is their “Proprietary Blend.” The wine is bottled at the Caymus facility in Rutherford, but the wine is a California AVA, because the fruit is harvested from Napa, Monterey, Santa Barbara and Tulare Counties.  The wine is a blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Muscat Canelli and Viognier, but the percentages and production are a secret.  The color of this twelve-year-old was quite a deep gold, but it was delicious and in fact we almost finished the bottle during a Zoom session, it was that flavorful.  My Bride has had very good success with the program and a completely new wardrobe as well; too bad that I have not, through osmosis, actually I have, but not to her extent.

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