Magnolia Court Dorrian Cabernet Sauvignon

I am now going to talk about the May New World wine club selection from Fine Wine Source in Livonia, Michigan.  They like all of the businesses that took it on the chin, because they were not considered essential clawed tooth and nail through the last three months that they were forced to close.  They didn’t take it the easy way, after all they also owned a fine dining establishment in Downtown Detroit that was also closed, so they were looking at no income coming in anywhere.   They created their own business by advertising specials and either creating special curbside pick up of wines or they would personally deliver your wines at a set time.  Who wants to watch a lifetime of work, disappear in three months.  While we were not hurting for wines for the three months, because I actually started being nosy and discovering what is still there, and I am still discovering, we still ordered some wine, plus the monthly wine club selections.  Of course, I and all the regulars miss the impromptu wine tastings courtesy of the Coravin system. 

The New World club selection for May is Magnolia Court Dorrian Cabernet Sauvignon California 2016. The Miller Family Wine Company’s California farming and ranching legacy starts in 1871, when William and Francis Broome moved from England to begin farming in southern Ventura County.  The farming legacy was passed down to William Broome’s granddaughter Elizabeth who married Robert Miller in 1942, and then it became the Miller Family.  In 1973 the family developed a vineyard in the Paso Robles highlands and named it French Camp in honor of the Basque shepherds that once populated the area. There is fourteen-hundred acres of French Camp which supplies the Miller Family with their highest quality fruit. The parent corporation is the Thornhill Company, named for William Broome’s son, and they now are into the fifth generation of family control.  They make four different branded labels and then they also make limited production runs of assorted wines for multiple businesses for their house wines and private labels. 

The Magnolia Court Dorrian is a tribute to the generation of strong woman in the family.  There were no production notes for the wine, even though it is listed as a limited production wine.  The tasting notes for the wine suggest an inviting nose with characteristics of dark fruits like blackberry and plums, with a hint of vanilla.  The wine is also described as fairly light and fresh with decent acidity, though light in structure. I am sure that once we get back into the swing of things for parties, this will be a bottle for us to try as it should be very good with chicken or pork tenderloins.

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