Weingut Pfluger

There are times when you are tasting wines that notes aren’t taken as studiously or the moment is rather hectic as it was while we were at The Fine Wine Source.  As I have said, my Bride becomes the center of attention and sometimes I end up just going with the flow as she was on her quest for a new white wine.  She can take over the situation and then I have to play catch-up as I am secondary at the moment.  

Alexander Pfluger is the second generation at the helm of Weingut Pfluger, which is an organic and biodynamic estate, one of the first so designated in Germany.  While they are not part of the Verband Deutscher Pradikatsweinguter (VDP) elite group of the premier wine producers of Germany, he is in the VDP Academy and is considered one of the up and coming winemakers to watch and perhaps to start following.  The Pfluger vineyards are in the area around Bad Durkheim in the Pfalz.  Alexander Pfluger is convinced that the quality and the balance achieved in his wines is from his commitment of his biodynamic work in the fields. 

We had a chance to try two of his wines.  The first thing that I noticed, is that when I first started learning about wines, especially those from Germany were that the labels were very Teutonic in appearance and there used to be plenty of gold ink, whereas these bottles had very low key black and white labels.   The first was Weingut Pfluger Biodynamite Pfalz 2016.  This wine was a blend of Riesling and Gewurztraminer and I would say it was aged in Stainless Steel.  The wine had a crisp refreshing citrus nose and flavor with limes and lemons and a nice finish with some mineral notes.  The second wine was Weingut Pfluger Pinot Blanc Quarzit Pfalz 2017.  This wine while considered Dry, I found to have some sweetness, but that is to be expected I guess from Pinot Blanc, the nose was floral and whiffs of quartz (minerals) with a taste of tart apples and some lemons and a better than average finish.  Much better than I had expected and I did enjoy both of them. 

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