“You Look Like a Mobster”

“You look like a mobster” is how someone broke the ice in a conversation with me, at a corporate holiday party, because Corporate America can not call it a Christmas Party anymore.  I mean I was totally at a loss for words for a moment, because I was trying to think what a mobster would wear at a party.  I was not dressed like I worked a nine to five job, in a gray or navy suit.  I had a dark burgundy sport coat with pearl gray flannel trousers, with a complimentary shirt and tie, perhaps the shoes were a bit much, since they were pearl gray suede wing tips, but I am a retired clothier.  The man was adamant because I looked slick and I had slick hair; that is what he told me.  I gave up and let him go on with his conversation, instead of having Rocco and boys take out back for a lesson in manners. 

Be that as it may, we had a very nice holiday party and both my Bride and I were rebellious and did not try to apply the “Avery” self-stick name tags on our garments, as she was wearing velvet and I have never liked wearing those.  Outside of the new couple, I knew everyone at the table, and everyone knows my Bride, since she works for the hosting company.  There were hot and cold appetizers being served by the waitstaff during the cocktail time of the dinner, and there was a seven-piece band playing very nice music in the background, and a photographer taking photos of people milling about.  I do get a kick out of watching people swoop down and try to get tons of the appetizers, my philosophy is to try one, if I don’t like them, no big deal, but others I guess were afraid that there would not be enough to eat during dinner.  We eventually were seated for dinner and rolls and butter and a salad were brought out.  The salad was what is termed a Michigan Salad with slivers of apple and raisons and a Champagne vinaigrette dressing.  The dinner was an option of either chicken or salmon that one had to preselect prior to the actual affair, and my Bride and I both had the Grilled Salmon with Lyonnais Potatoes and Green Beans.  For dessert there were a couple of sweet tables set up and one could get as much or as little as they wanted, and to me that is perfect.  After dinner there was a small talk by the Big Boss and they also handed out some awards and then it was time for dancing.

As I mentioned there was a cocktail hour and there was a cocktail bar, off to the side of tables and one could find groups huddled together as always happens at these affairs, for some business never ends.  The liquor selection was very good, I didn’t see what the beer selection was, but I did see some of the younger hires walking around with a bottle of beer, instead of using a glass.  Then there was wine and they were all from Langtry Estate & Vineyards.  Langtry Estate & Vineyards is located in the Guenoc Valley in California’s Lake County, and it was established by the British actress Lillie Langtry who bought the estate in 1888 and introduced the area to vineyards.  They produce all types of wines and blends and it is now twenty-three-thousand acres and overlooks a reservoir.  The estate if now owned by Foley Family Wines.  When I first went up to the bar to get a couple of glasses of white wine, I was informed that there was either Pinot Grigio or Riesling, so we ended up having the Langtry Estate Guenoc Pinot Grigio California 2018.  It was a very easy drinking glass of wine and that works for me.  When the dinner portion of the evening was approaching, I went and got a couple of glasses of the Langtry Estate Pinot Noir 2017, as I thought that I would like the Pinot Noir over a Cabernet Sauvignon to pair with the Salmon.  It was a decent wine, but after dinner we ended up going back to the Pinot Grigio and then the ladies behind the bar also discovered that they also had a Chardonnay, but we stayed with the Pinot Grigio.  My Bride and I stayed for some dancing, until they stopped playing our dance music, but it was a very nice evening.

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  1. That does sound like a pleasant evening, even after the somewhat rough opener:)

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