A Night at Andiamo

It was going to be the last night that we would see My Favorite Daughter, as all good things come to an end.  She was able to see some of the weather that she misses, since she lives in the dessert, like rain and gray skies.  We have never had that problem since we actually get to experience all four seasons, though some seasons like to last longer than others. 

We were going to meet for dinner at Andiamo Ristorante in Dearborn, which was the old Chicago Road House for ever, if you were a local in that part of the Metropolitan Detroit area.  I was surprised that My Favorite Daughter said that she had never been to either location, and I don’t know how I missed that.  We started off the meal with the House Salad, and I have always been partial to when there is more than just lettuce, kind of like what we always had at home and a Creamy Garlic dressing, and my Bride went with Pasta Fagioli and a heaping helping of freshly grated Parmesan cheese.   My Bride had a plate of Agnolotti, a handmade pasta filled with ground veal, beef and pork in a wild mushroom-basil crème sauce.  My Favorite Daughter and I both had a special version of Gnocchi with Black Squid Ink and lobster meat, it was very tasty, but it was a dry dish, meaning that it had no sauce, which surprised us, and she quickly requested a side of Sauce Alfredo and if I had thought about it quicker, I would have probably asked for a side of Aglio e Olio, but I didn’t and I survived and the dish was still very filling and savory.  We then kind of picked at her Chocolate cake for dessert. 

My Bride started off with a split of Le Grand Courtage Grande Cuvee Brut Rosé NV a pretty pinkish salmon colored sparkling wine and very refreshing.  The winery is owned and managed entirely by women with the intent of making affordable and quality sparkling wine. The wine is produced in Nuits-Saint-Georges and the fruit is harvested from the Burgundy, Beaujolais the Loire Valley regions.  The wine is a blend of Chardonnay, Gamay and Ugni Blanc and produced in Stainless Steel and this split has a screw cap, so there was no “pop” when the bottle was opened.  I started off with Domaine Pascal & Mireille Renaud Macon-Villages 2017.  The appellation Macon-Villages is for the white wines of the Maconnais located around Macon. This particular Domaine has twenty-five acres scattered through the villages of Pouilly, Solutre and Davaye and this wine is made in Stainless Steel for a crisp Chardonnay. The appellation Macon-Villages is a step above the basic Macon appellation.  After the whites came Giuliano Rosati Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore 2016, what some like to call a baby Amarone, because they both use the Ripasso method of laying certain overripe grapes to dry almost like a raisin to concentrate the sugar and then later added to the mix. The wine is a blend of Carvinone, Corvina and Rondinella and aged in oak.  It had a good color, great nose with some dark fruit, and some licorice and ended with a good finish of spices.  A nice affordable wine, that I think I would like better with food as I think it complimented the meal so well. I did see My Favorite Daughter one more time, but just for a quick visit, as she went with my Bride for Sushi and Thai for dinner, the next evening and as I had a different evening planned, so it will be awhile before we see her again. 

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