My Bride Gets Some Gifts

My Bride had another birthday, which is much better than not having another birthday.  We celebrate often and she likes to announce that this is for my birthday and stuff like that.  For the two of us, it is hard to buy something special, because every day is special and we tend to shop often.  In fact, for her birthday she went off to Chicago with three of her sisters, a daughter-in-law, nieces and a granddaughter.  They all had a great time and it was good for her to have a trip like that, and they had a chance to ride a train, subways, and busses.  I even got a tin of Garrett’s Caramel Popcorn out of the trip.

My Bride is the type to stay in contact with her old associates, like she gets together once a month with a bunch of ladies that she retired with from a past job and company.  She also goes out with other friends that have retired on a one on one basis.  She went with one of her friends with their usual routine of walking, appetizers and drinks.  I have discovered over the years that she has friends that prefer appetizers over entrées and they were doing that long before the concept of tapas restaurants hit the shores of America. 

Her friend at dinner gave her a cute sign that will reside in the dining room, at least for the moment, unless my Bride finds another location for it.  The sign reads “Good Wine, Good Friends, Good Times” and that is a worthy sentiment.  I think that sums up our life together.  Her girlfriend also bought her another gift, which most people shy away from buying either for my Bride or for me, and that is a bottle of wine.  I think people are hesitant about getting us wine as a gift, because they think we might somehow be offended, but that is hardly the case.  I mean anyone that has read some of the articles over the years that for every “unicorn” wine that I have written about, there are fifty wines that are wines that fall into the daily, everyday classification and ones.  The wine she gave my Bride was Pierre Laforest Chardonnay Pays d’Oc IGT 2016, as she knows that she drinks a lot of Chardonnay.   I could find very little about Pierre Laforest in English and I do not speak French, some wonder if I speak English.  Pierre Laforest offers wines in many classifications and price points and I must presume that they are a négociant.  They are affiliated with Pieroth Wines, while Pierre Laforest is based in Burgundy, the wine was bottled by Pierre Laforest Vins de France GMBH.  This particular Chardonnay is from the Pays d’Oc that roughly corresponds to the entire Languedoc-Roussillon region that is not covered by individual AOC guarantees.  This is one of the largest wine growing regions in France and quality is all over the board, depending on the winery or the négociant, and I am going to presume that Pierre Laforest will be on the better side of the equation.  Pays d’Oc IGP were originally labeled as Vin de Pays d’Oc until 2009 as the European Union is attempting to control the language used for wines and they have basically removed the old “table wine” rating for a more globally accepted name.  I am sure that we will have this wine soon and enjoy it for the friendship that it was given in.

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  1. What a cute sign. I love signs like that. Happy Birthday to your bride.

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