Let’s Put on a Show

I know I could have titled this “there’s no place like home” and yes, we went to the cinema.  It is not too often that we totally agree on seeing a film.  Sometimes we begrudgingly go with the other one, and sometimes I just have to suggest that she go with one of her family or friends.  I like to be entertained and I don’t want to be lectured at, or really see his history altered to fit someone’s idea of the truth, so there is always a hesitancy to see a “biography.”  While I wasn’t around in 1939, in spite of what some may think, I kind of grew up watching Judy Garland on television, in the old movies, television guest spots on the old variety shows and her live television specials.  She was always part of the background tapestry of growing up, and it wasn’t until I graduated and got my first house that I had a color television and I made it a point to watch the Wizard of Oz, just so that I could actually see the change from black and white to Technicolor when Dorothy opens the door of the house.  As a side note, I am not a film critic, we both enjoyed the film, and Renée Zellweger did an excellent job, dramatically and vocally as an actress. 

We are a couple of creatures of habit any more, when we go to the cinema, as we always go, normally, to the same complex, because all the seats recline, and in the winter, they actually have built in heaters.  The complex is in a moderate size shopping mall and we become mall workers, while we are there, to get a couple of miles logged in for our exercise and perchance to keep someone from shopping; as if I am a deterrent.  We also tend to go to the same restaurant and lo and behold, my Bride switched up and ordered something different, while I stayed the same.   She had a half of an oven-roasted turkey sandwich with warm Brie, shaved Granny Smith apple and baby greens with a house made honey-mustard dressing and of course she had it with a small Caesar salad.   I stayed true to form, though I admit that her sandwich was tasty, and had the Jambalaya Linguini with blackened chicken and shrimp, crawfish, Andouille sausage and Tasso ham in a creamy Cajun sauce.  Ingredients that we normally don’t have at home and too labor intensive for when we want a quick meal at home, hence that is why I usually order fun stuff out.

I have found over the years that chains and smaller establishments cannot by nature have large wine lists, and they try to pick out wines that will sell on a daily basis, whether by the bottle or by the glass and that is how a good merchant stays in business, through the ups and downs of the economy.  I always try to find the best of the moment, no matter the price, unless the selection is so bad that we have cocktails.  It wasn’t the situation here as we had Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2018 and Kim Crawford is probably New Zealand’s most famous wine making name internationally.  Marlborough is the leading area for wine in the country and there are more than five-hundred wineries there and Sauvignon Blanc is king there with seventy-nine percent of the production.   Kim Crawford began in 1996 and built a state-of-the-art facility in 2000.  In 2003 the brand was sold to Vincor of Canada, and in 2004 Vincor was acquired by Constellation Brands.  For a major produced wine, this wine still gives good value with the lush tropical fruits that are there in the nose and afterwards in the finish.  It worked well with the Turkey and Brie and it was refreshing with the Jambalaya and that is what we were looking for.  Until the next time, we try to be Mr. and Mrs. First Nighter.  

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A non-technical wine writer, who enjoys the moment with the wine, as much as the wine. Twitter.com/WineRaconteur Instagram/thewineraconteur Facebook/ The Wine Raconteur
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