“And Why am I Mr. Pink”

I have to think of Steve Buscemi as soon as I see the name of this wine, and if you have seen Reservoir Dogs, you will understand the correlation.  I recently picked up my August selections of wines from my wine club at the Fine Wine Source in Livonia, Michigan.  Besides going in to pick up my wines, I usually get a chance to try some wines, but when I got there, the shop was busy, not with tastings, but with buyers and I as a former retailer would never interfere in commerce, even if it was for my writings.  The world does not revolve around a Raconteur.

The first wine for the monthly selection was The Underground Wine Project “And Why am I Mr. Pink” Rosé Columbia Valley 2018 from Washington State.  The Underground Wine Project is a collaboration between two Washington State winemakers; Mark McNeilly of Mark Ryan Winery and Trey Busch of Sleight of Hand Cellars.  The two men besides having successful wineries have been good friends for the last fourteen years and in 2009 launched their first joint collaboration “Idle Hands” with a hundred cases of wine, and it became a cult favorite almost immediately.  “And Why am I Mr. Pink” made its debut in 2015, first capturing the interest of Washington State and then going national.   The 2017 vintage took its place at Number 70 for the Top 100 Best Buys by the Wine Enthusiast magazine.  The wine is a proprietary blend of Sangiovese and Syrah.  The demand must be good from the marketer’s viewpoint as they produced thirty-thousand cases of this wine.

I have not tasted the wine yet, but from what I have read it promises to have lip smacking acidity and perfect for the summer month.  The wine is said to promise cherries, watermelon and pomegranates.  The wine has been touted by others to pair well with white meat, white fish, turkey and chicken as well as charcuterie and cheeses and other plates of antipasti.  Perfect with lighter foods and picnic dishes.  I mean isn’t there always a time for another bottle of Rosé, and Mr. Pink was quirkier and an interesting character compared to Messrs. White, Orange, Blonde, Brown and Blue.  Not only that, but I am sure that the language won’t have to be as colorful as the film, and as a purist, I think that Joe Pesci’s colorful language for Martin Scorsese has always sounded more realistic. 

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2 Responses to “And Why am I Mr. Pink”

  1. outwines says:

    Curious to hear your thoughts on this once you’ve tried it! It’s been a go-to Rose for me for a couple of summers now.

    • I am looking forward to it as well, as I have had a couple of private messages about this wine also. It seems I am always behind in writing up my new articles, and thank you for stopping by. – John

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