Hyde Park in Northville

Ms. Yoga was totally happy that we were trying a steakhouse that she had been to in Florida and had a chance to introduce us to it, in our own backyard.  Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse is actually in Northville Township to be exact, but I am sure that it will be listed as Northville.  It was so surprising that it had opened, and I had not heard or read about the new location, but then I am not much of a shopper.  The renovation of the restaurant from a pasta chain to a steakhouse chain, was, I can bet a complete remodel.  It had that swanky elegance that would belie that the building ever contained anything but Hyde Park.

We ended up meeting the manager of the location, plus the training manager who was still on-site, since they had only opened five days earlier.  The training manager also took us on a tour of the facility, including some private rooms that were not apparent, if one wasn’t looking for them.  As I said earlier, we had ordered food from all three of the menus (bar, dinner and dinner specials).   There was a Lump Crab Wedge Salad with Iceberg lettuce, bacon, Lump Crab and a Creamy House Vinaigrette.  There were a couple orders of the Lobster Bisque with Sherry, and some Lobster that was either poached or drenched in hot butter, just before being place in the soup.  There was also a couple of orders of the Filet Mignons with Bearnaise Sauce with Garlic Whipped Potatoes and Sautéed Spinach.  Once again, we left with out dessert, but we did have some “doggie bags.”

Finally, for our main wine for the evening we had Quilt Wines Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 from Napa Valley.  I had never heard of the wine, but it turns out that it is another “brand” from Joseph Wagner who produces Caymus, plus several other wines.  I guess the name evoked a patchwork quilt, because the blended wine was all from vineyards only in Napa Valley.  The vineyards were located in Oakville, St Helena, Atlas Peak, Coombsville, Calistoga and Howell Mountain.  It was really a nicely made wine, and I would wager that it was made with one eye on being included on the carte at steakhouses across the country, it was a steak wine.  Ms. Yoga, being her charming and “low key” young lady that she is, went on raving to the training manager about how she just loved the Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse Cabernet Sauvignon Private Reserve 2016 with a California AVA.  That poor manager went searching high and low, until he found where this particular wine was being stored and brought a bottle over for us.  I didn’t get a chance to see if the winery was listed on the back label, but it was a charming wine.  I know that we will be going back there after the holidays.

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