Refreshments After a Drive

The day of my Bride’s Godson’s graduation party, we were expecting to have company stay overnight at our house, but first they were expected to attend the party.  It really didn’t work out that way.  Our guests were going to drive from Louisville to Interlochen, Michigan and then down to the party in the Detroit area.  Two of their children were accepted to Interlochen for a summer theatrical camp, and if you have not heard of Interlochen, it is the Julliard of the Midwest and it is in the northwest corner of the lower peninsula of Michigan and trust me, there is no easy and direct route to get to any of the picturesque parts of the state.

They were beat, by the time they came to our house, and they never made it to the party, by the time they had unloaded the van with the assorted luggage of their children who were staying in Interlochen for the next month or so and go through whatever registration was required.  In fact, the same day that all of the students arrived, they all had to do auditions for the summer production of The Music Man, and it was one of my favorite musicals of the latter half of the last century.  We are looking forward to going up there to see the performance on one of the nights.  Our weary travelers arrived and we put out some assorted plates of food and noshes, even though they had stopped to eat.

What they were really interested in was some liquid nourishment to feed their soul after the long journey that they had.  The four of us were on the same wave-length I guess.  I pulled out a bottle that I had hoped that they hadn’t tried yet, but they told me that they just had it the week before.  I had chilled a bottle of Belle Glos Pinot Blanc “Oeil de Perdrix” 2017.  This Rosé wine is made intermittently by Joe Wagner, the son of Chuck Wagner, and the winery is named after his grandmother Lorna Belle Glos Wagner one of the co-founders of Caymus Vineyard.  When made, the fruit is harvested from the Taylor Lane Vineyard in the Sonoma Coast, and the fruit is carefully pressed to achieve the pinkish-coppery color of “the eye of the partridge.”  It was a delightful wine, in fact, it must have been absorbed into the atmosphere, because it seemed to disappear immediately.  My Brother-in-Law was not concerned, because in his car refrigerator he produced a bottle of Domaine Loubjac Rosé 2017 from the Willamette Valley.  The winery was named after a town in Provence that sits on the 45’th Parallel as does the winery in Oregon.  With a quick glance, one would almost think that the wine from it’s label was from France.  It is a curiosity that it is one of the few modern wines that I have encountered that does not indicate what the wine is made from, while Pinot Noir is the King of the Willamette Valley, the classic blend in Provence is Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre.  I have to admit that after a day of eating and drinking, I could not tell you, but it certainly went down easily enough and I think that is what one should expect from a good Rosé wine.  The next morning, they had to leave to get back home, after one more visit and I am sure that from that trip they were glad to be home.

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