Our Last Dinner with Ms. Yoga

Even though Casa Raconteur was the official residence of Ms. Yoga during her week, she did leave us and spend some time in Grand Rapids during this business trip.  For some odd reason, she just ignores the invoice that is slid under the door on her last day.  She wanted to go to Fleming’s Steak House, but we wanted her to see this little bistro that we have gone to a couple of times, especially if on her next trip, she attempts to have another family get-together brunch, because this establishment does such a great job, and with a group that size, she will get a reservation.  French Toast in Plymouth is in the middle of nowhere in a rather non-descript strip mall.  Their Cajun influenced meals belie the outward appearance of the restaurant.

Ms. Yoga also invited her brother for dinner, but he basically didn’t eat anything, as he said that he had a late lunch, but he wanted to spend some more time with her, before she left.  Ms. Yoga and I got there together first to get a table, as French Toast fills up rapidly, and they are only open two evenings of the week.  She immediately ordered the Baked Brie Board to nosh on and it came with fresh berries, strawberry jam and crackers; the Brie was so creamy and rich, we thought it was French, but it was Danish.  Then her brother showed up and so did my Bride and Ms. Yoga immediately ordered a platter of Prince Edward Island Mussels that were done in the classic versions of herbed buttered white wine sauce with garlic, shallots and accompanied with garlic toast.  Ms. Yoga then ordered for her entrée the Maple Mustard Glazed Salmon with Quinoa, wild mushrooms, grape tomatoes and Bourbon onions.  My Bride had the Shrimp and Grits, which came with Andouille sausage and grape tomatoes.  I ordered the Black Garlic Braised Short Rib which came with White Cheddar Grits, Brussel Sprouts and Crispy Shallots.  For dessert we had Beignets with a Banana Foster Sauce.

They have a limited wine list, but a rather complete bar.  They use, along with most other places we have been to for brunch William Wycliff Winery “California Champagne” Brut  NV with the convenient screw cap.  This wine is made using the Charmat Method, and hence it is very affordable and easy for most restaurants.  The winery is under the umbrella of the Gallo Winery Group, which probably explains how they were grandfathered in with “California Champagne.”  I digressed a bit, but we tried to order two different bottles for the table and they were sold out, so we opted for a third try with success, and the restaurant comped us on our dessert, because of this problem.  We had an old favorite negocient and a region of mine that evening.  We had Barton and Gestier Cotes du Rhone Les Galets 2016.  B & G as they are usually referred to is the oldest wine house in Bordeaux and they oversee and bottle wines from most regions of France.  This particular wine was a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Carignan and aged in French Oak.  While B & G is not stellar, they have been dependable and reliable since I started drinking wines several decades ago.  It was a wonderful dinner, the wine worked well, the company excellent and I might add that Ms. Yoga skipped town the next day and ignored the invoice again.  Until her next appearance.

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