A Church Celebration

In case anyone is concerned no walls caved in, because the banquet was held in another venue.  We often go to events and this was one of them.  My Bride’s church was celebrating their Fiftieth Anniversary, and we both belong to different churches.  My Bride is very pious and does a couple of different functions for her church and I really do applaud her for it, but I give her little jabs, only because that is my way, if I didn’t, she would know something is wrong.  I survived her creating a video of the history of the church from its earliest days to the present, with all of the music, photos that she scanned and the videos that she filmed to insert into her finished product.  All I will say is that in the course of the production, there were some non-pious words bandied about concerning the software that she had and the new software that she bought to create this.  I thank God that we were working in two different parts of the house.  The finished product was very professional in its appearance, though she still thinks that she could have done better, but she did it and there were no complaints.

The banquet was held in another community center, not on the grounds of the church, but a true functioning catering facility, in fact we have attended a wedding reception there.  During the dinner portion of the evening, one of the musicians of the eleven-piece band that would provide the dancing music after dinner, played an electronic violin and the music was lovely.  After the prayers the dinner began.  The meal started with a soup course of Minestrone, followed by a salad course with assorted dressings along with hard crusted rolls and butter.  Then there was a mostaccioli course, and all the dishes were served family style at the tables of eight, and I might add that the hall was filled to capacity for the event.  The main courses were roast beef, roasted chicken and mixed vegetables and the platters were refilled as requested, and I might add, that as fussy as I am, I could eat the food, so I and everyone else was quite content.  After dinner there was dessert and then a sweet table was also set up with a large assortment of after dinner delights.  We danced most of the evening when the full band started playing and there were many songs that everyone could identify with as there was a lot of Motown standards.

There were two full bars set up, and I might add that our table was right off one of the bars, which was good and only one table away from the dance floor.  As is the norm, the wines selected for the evening were crowd pleasers in name and were poured from magnum sized bottles.  I started off with a white wine and it was Corbett Canyon Pinot Grigio NV.  Corbet Canyon Vineyards is in the Central Valley of California, but they also source fruit from Chile, and since the bartenders’ kind of look at me askance as I tried to photograph the bottles, I really did not see the back label to find out the actual origin.  The wine had good color and a soft nose, it was a bit sweet for my taste, and did not give me a real Pinot Grigio taste, but for the crowd it was a hit.  As the entrée dishes were being served I switched over to the red wine being poured.  It was from the Italian winery Citra Vini and their Citra Montepulciano D’Abruzzo NV was also in magnum size bottles.  While this wine was a true Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC it lacked the nuances that I have come to appreciate from this region.  The wine was aged in Stainless Steel, which surprised me, because I thought that part of the rules for this wine was barrel aging, but there might be different rules for bulk production, which this wine is.  The evening was a success for the church and my Bride was happy that her video worked smoothly, because through the evening she would look over to the table where it was playing and there was always a crowd there watching it.

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