Lunch with Our Son

It was almost the end of our stay in Las Vegas and we hadn’t had a chance just to have lunch with our son and his wife, while their children were at school.  Since they live in Summerlin we were trying to find a suitable place to eat.  They had some errands to run, and we found out that they were going to be at Downtown Summerlin and that they had never been to Grape Street Café, Wine Bar and Cellar, and even though we had already eaten there, we could go back there without a problem.  Grape Street has been there for nineteen years and they have a California feel to the restaurant, with a slight touch of the Mediterranean to the food.  I think our son hadn’t gone there, because he thought it was more of a wine bar.

We arrived at about the same time as they did and we got a table inside, as the weather had not been as warm as we would have preferred, for eating outside.   My Bride and I were going to go with a salad, and our son and his wife wanted to try some of the entrée offerings.  My Bride had the Blackened Salmon Salad with hearts of Romaine, pineapple, Mandarin oranges, garlic croutons and a Caesar dressing.  I of course have always shied away from “frou-frou” salads, so I kind of went “macho” if that term can be used for a salad, and to think, years ago I probably would have never even considered a salad as a main dish.   I had the Steak Salad with iceberg lettuce, cucumber, cherry hot peppers, pepperoncini, red and green onions, shaved Parmesan and a Lemon-Oregano dressing.

Since our son and his wife really don’t drink that much, we opted for some lighter wines to go with the meal.  My Bride had the Crowded House Sauvignon Blanc 2016 from Marlborough, New Zealand, the second label of Catalina Sounds Wine.  I am quite sure that this was aged in Stainless Steel and I found it not to be as “grapefruit” forward as most of the Sauvignon Blanc wines that I have encountered from Marlborough, and it had some terroir, a subtle under layer of flint, that we both found refreshing.  Nor was it as dry as a French Sauvignon Blanc, but somewhere in the middle.   I wanted something light as well and opted for a very easy and well-respected Benvolio Prosecco NV from Veneto, Italy.  This wine is pure Prosecco, which elsewhere would be called Glera and is all estate grown.  This wine is fermented and aged in Stainless Steel for forty-five to sixty days and they use the Charmat Method to produce this sparkling wine.  Benvolio is now under the umbrella of the Jackson Family Wines group.  Unfortunately with the sun shining in the restaurant I could not get as good of photos as I wished, not that I am that great of a photographer anyways   The whole meal was totally enjoyable, but our son pulled a fast one and went and paid the bill ahead of time, so we were his guests, and we try to keep that from happening, as we know how expensive it is to raise a family.  I guess the next time, we will just have to be quicker on the draw.

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