Defense for a PHD

Can we say that we are proud, to have a PHD in the family? Well we are and we attended a defense seminar for the degree by our niece. I consider myself fairly intelligent, but I got lost in the title of the paper. “A Missense Mutation in the Loss-of-Function Intolerant Actr2 Gene Suppresses Thrombosis via Multiple Mechanisms” totally through me a curve ball. In one of my other hobbies there are times that I have to juxtapose three different languages doing research, but this is beyond my realm of understanding. It was interesting to observe the presentation and the slides, even with some cute pictures to animate the presentation, but after the first couple of slides, I like any outsider just kind of watched in silence and awe. My remembrance of PHD to goes back to Calhoun the Lawyer from the old Amos and Andy programs of my youth, which are not politically correct and hasn’t been for decades.

After the defense, there were about ten of us that went out for lunch, but the woman of the moment could not attend, as she had oral arguments to do, in a private session. We went to one of the chains that had a location across from the university, but I will refrain from mentioning the place, as our waiter tried to ingratiate himself totally in the moment, to the chagrin of the diners. One person ended up with a plate that had burned Chicken Parmesan. My Bride had ordered a Caesar Salad with chicken, but the chicken must have flown the coop. I had roasted chicken with rigatoni, caramelized onions, mushrooms and a Marsala Cream Sauce, but the sauce was barely there. Our waiter was more interested in letting us know that he works for tips, but he was totally unaware of what he was serving or doing. He even told me that he could not bring a bottle of wine to the table for me to photograph, as it was illegal, so I told him to put it on a separate empty table. I had actually lost my temper with his quality of service and let him know it.

I finally found the proper way to photograph the wines, and the bartender and the manager of the establishment did not have any problems with what I was doing. The wine list was rather scant and I can appreciate that in a college town setting. My Bride had Popcorn Cellars Chardonnay 2015, while the company was located in Napa, the wine had a California AVA and their site stressed that some of the fruit was from the Santa Lucia Highlands and other coastal areas. It said that the fruit came from individual wine blocks and that they were all fermented separately. The lots were then “oak-aged” in a combination of medium and medium-plus French Oak, which is a new write-up for me. It had some buttery finish and a deep Chardonnay color. I went with a safe wine from the list, as I had the Banfi Cal Di Sasso Cabernet Sauvignon & Sangiovese IGT 2015 from the Tuscan region of Italy. The Cabernet Sauvignon was what caused this wine to carry the IGT designation, and I am sure that this wine was aimed for the American public. The wine was a decent red wine and I am sure that it is made in bulk, as all I could find was “the wine is released after appropriate bottle aging.” The dinner was still good, because of what we were celebrating and we are looking forward to the big day when she receives the official degree, and that is something for any family to be proud of.

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