I am often learning about wines, but I just learned a new word in French, lieux-dits, which means localities. This all came about from going to a wine tasting at one of the finest wine shops I have ever been to, namely Elie Wine Co. I have written about this shop several times, because they do not encompass the world, they only do French wines, and a few Spanish wines that he is now acting as an importer for. I mean can you say First Growth? I am rambling again, but two wines that I tasted are felt to be on the short list to becoming a Premier Cru, according to the smart money, and I am not in that circle.

Domaine Regis Bouvier Marsannay Les Longeroies 2014 was a charming wine that I tried. Marsannay is considered the “Gateway to Nuits-Sainte-Georges in Burgundy and they only received AOC status in 1987, and also what is unique, is that they have AOC for red, white and rosé, and Domaine Regis Bouvier makes all three, but I had the red. There are no Premier Cru wines in Marsannay as of yet, but Les Longeroies is listed as lieux-dits, so the cru has been acknowledged and may in the future be designated, but I have no idea how long decisions can take in Burgundy, as it is nothing to be sneezed at. This wine is pure Pinot Noir and has been aged for twelve to sixteen months in French Oak, of which thirty percent is new.

Domaine Odoul-Coquard Nuits-Saints-Georges Aux Saints-Jacques 2014 was another charming red Burgundy wine that I had the good fortune to try. In Nuits-Saints-Georges there are no Grand Cru sites, but there are Premier Cru sites and Aux Saints-Jacques is another lieux-dits. This site is made of seventy-year-old vines and made in the old school manner and I was very happy to try this wine as well.

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2 Responses to Lieux-Dits

  1. I would put more money on the second becoming a 1er Cru before the first–there is a decided preference for Nuits-Saint-Georges over Marsannay. Having said that, a new 1er Cru in any locale is a long shot.

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