A New Birthday

The normal way to celebrate birthdays is that we lump all the celebrants of the month into one party and allow the cake to enumerate them. This works out well and it keeps the party scheduling a whole lot easier. There can be exceptions to the rule, if it is a special number, or if it is a surprise party, or if the parents of a newborn want to make a special fuss. I can understand the importance of a first child, or a first birthday, as I have been there a couple of times myself.

One of my Sister-in-Laws donated their house for the party, since there home has a beautiful in-ground pool which makes it ideal for the summer months, unless you are like me and have a body that looks better dressed than undressed. That point being moot for me, as I had to work that day, so everyone was saved from having their eyes burnt. For the party, the Father of the new one-year old spent most of his time over a hot barbeque and the Grandmother made and oversaw all of the other food preparations and some of the guests brought dishes for the party as well.

My Bride took a couple of bottles of wine to the party and both were white, and I knew that even before I heard about it, as she does enjoy her white wines. She had taken one of the bottles of wine from a winery we had just visited up in the Leelanau Peninsula of Michigan as she thought that some of her sister would enjoy it, as they are not fans of dry wines. The Boskydel Vignoles 2015 was a hit, as she told me that it almost disappeared after opening it. Vignoles, which is also known as Ravat Vignoles or Ravat 51, is a Cold Hardy varietal that was developed in the 1930’s in France by J. Ravat and is thought to be a cross of Pinot Noir or Chardonnay and one of the hybrid Seibel varieties. While this grape is not sanctioned for use in France it has become quite popular in the United States and Canada as it is late budding and an early ripening grape which works well for areas that have more severe winters. The wine tends to be on the sweeter side and I think that is what made it so popular at the party. The other wine that she took was a Chardonnay and that I could guarantee even before I asked. The Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay 2013 is a delightful wine and very easy drinking. This winery was established in 1967 and they rely heavily on the Columbia Valley in Washington where they are located. This wine was aged Sur Lie for six months in a mix of French and American oak, and then it was blended with thirty-five percent of the wine that was tank fermented to give the wine a mix of crisp and buttery notes. All in all, my Bride had a good time without me, and she may not have even noticed that I wasn’t there.

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2 Responses to A New Birthday

  1. Array says:

    Nice selection! Vignoles is pretty much the only white varietal I enjoy grown in the central states. Lovely, crisp, fruit-forward! Congrats to the new parents making it through year one – only 17 more to go!

  2. Thank you and I agree, but it seems that more of the Michigan wineries are now replacing these vines for vinifera. Thank you again, for stopping by. – John

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