Ford’s Garage

My Favorite Daughter was in town for a few days and I got to spend some time with her on two days, and I guess that was enough of Dear Old Dad. Actually, we had some great times, we spent some time on Sunday with our son and part of his family and we went to the Plymouth Art Fair, but alas I was out-voted and we had food from trucks that were servicing the fair, though I did get a chance to try a pizza from the Bigalora Food Truck with their built-in wood burning pizza stoves, but we did not have any wine as we ate in a communal picnic area.

The next day my Bride and I picked her up to take her out for lunch to a restaurant that is brand new in Dearborn and she had tried the first night with some of her cousins and friends to go there, but the wait was way too long for them. We had the good fortune to get there when there was some immediate seating. Ford’s Garage is officially licensed by the Ford Motor Company and is on a strip of land that is part of the Ford Motor Company land in Dearborn, the original restaurants are all located in Florida, so this was the first in Michigan. The restaurant has been designed and built to look like an old-fashioned gas station from the 1920’s and has some vintage cars and gas pumps on the premises. The door handles are gas pumps, and as a side note, when I had to use the facilities, I had to laugh because the urinals were made from recycled Anheuser-Busch aluminum barrels retrofitted, and the wash basins were tires that a basin was fitted into and the water was fed from more gas pumps; very cute. The burgers were made with signature buns that had the logo of the company branded on the top. The basic burger was Black Angus, which could be substituted with a Portabella mushroom, chicken breast or turkey or could be upgraded with American Kobe, Sushi-grade Ahi tuna or open-range bison and all of the burgers besides having house names, also had tag names of local celebrities or famous people from Detroit in past days. My Favorite Daughter had the Estate Burger, named after the Fairlane Estate and home to Henry Ford, and it had smoked Gouda, sweet red onion marmalade, arugula, fried onion straws and white truffle bacon aioli. My Bride had a Patty-melt with Baby Swiss cheese, caramelized onions and 1000 Island dressing, while I had the High-Octane Burger with guacamole and fresh jalapeño peppers. A friend of mine, actually is enshrined with a burger named after her, but it was served on a bed of lettuce and I wanted to see the branding on the bun, so perhaps the next time I will have the honor of seeing how she is immortalized. As a side note they also offer the “Henry Ford Hubcap” which is a ten-pound burger the size of a Model-T wheel and a brioche bun the size of a seat cover, the burger is priced at $125.00, but is free to any individual that eats the entire burger in two hours or less time, and I was not inclined to attempt it.

Ford’s Garage is more oriented towards craft beers, the current vogue and wines are a much distant third runner, I am sure after the cocktails. As is my norm when I order a glass of wine, I ask to see the bottle, so that I may photograph the label, the waitress returned with the wine orders, but she said that the wines are on tap, but that the manager said that I could go and take a picture of the wine taps. We were sitting out on the veranda and it was a rather warm day so my Bride had ordered a Chardonnay and I had ordered a Pinot Gris, while my Favorite Daughter had a Labatt’s Blue as she claims that she cannot get a good Canadian beer in La Vegas. I went over to where the wine taps were located and took my picture. They were serving Acrobat Pinot Gris 2015 from the King Estate Winery in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Two-thirds of the 1,112-acre estate is Pinot Gris, but they also use grapes harvested in the Columbia Valley and throughout Oregon. The St. Francis Winery & Vineyard Chardonnay 2015 is from Sonoma County and the wine spends six months in French Oak. The winery is part of the much larger Kobrand organization. The Hahn Family Wines Pinot Noir 2015 had a California AVA, though Hahn was founded in the Santa Lucia Highlands in 1979 and I feel that some of the greatest Pinot Noir wines come from that area of Monterey. The last wine was the Concannon Cabernet 2014 from Paso Robles and their slogan is “discover America’s oldest ongoing winery under the same family label and stewardship since 1883.” While the wines that we had were fine and fresh from the tap, I was a little disappointed in the serving size, so after a glass of wine, we both switched over and had a Margarita.

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