Dinner, Wine and a Play

It is amazing what will bring a memory back about wine. I guess I just save too many things, but in hindsight since I have started writing this blog, all of these mementos have been a blessing. Now that the house is back to order, I have started to empty out the library because it is time to replace the carpeting and I guess a new paint job is in order. The logistics of moving everything out of the room, to remove the carpet is s burden, but I found a Playbill from a theatrical production that we saw, that by rights should not have been in the room and it got me to think about that evening. The play was Plaid Tidings from the Forever Plaid series and it was at The Gem & Century Theatres. What is more fascinating is the venue itself, it started off as a theater in 1927 showing foreign films and through the years it became a location for several different movie houses, live theater and restaurants. With the building of Comerica Park, the new location for the Detroit Tigers, the building was going to be razed, but the current owner devised plans and they actually moved the entire structure to its new location. It was moved five blocks over in the downtown area and the move made it into the Guinness Book of Records as the heaviest building ever moved on wheels.

This beautiful building in the Arts & Craft style now holds the charming theater that has been lovingly restored and a fine restaurant that is open when there is a production going on, or for private parties and weddings. That night before the show we dined at the Century Grille. We started off by sharing an order of Duck Quesadilla with roasted red peppers. My Bride had the Planked Whitefish and rice pilaf and I had Grilled Canadian Salmon with a Champagne Sauce. I think that the ambiance of the building and the room, made the dinner even that much more memorable and enjoyable.

The wine list was not as elaborate as the food, and when I am faced with a smaller selection, I tend to go with a popular wine, as I tend to think that it will be fresher. I also refrained from the house wine, since they tend to do a lot of parties, most houses use wines that are more popular with caterers. We went with a bottle of La Crema Chardonnay 2009 from the Sonoma Coast. This is a very safe and dependable buttery Chardonnay and very easy to drink and goes well with lighter foods. La Crema also has a large advertising budget, so it is a brand that most people will recognize, and since it is popular and good, it is a good bet when it is offered.

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