A Label Made Me Think of Pizza

I have been going through all of my wine labels of wines past and sorted them by decades, and I think that I need a life. Writing this blog has altered some of my pack rat status into new avenues. If I get ambitious I might even try to get them arranged by years, but that might be too much of a chore. As I was doing the sorting I found a wine label that made me think of the pizza, and since our plans for the evening called for more mundane activities, I ordered a pizza, and alas it was rather mediocre.

The pizza that I remembered from the wine, was much better. When I was a kid, the best sit down pizzeria in my old neighborhood was Roman Village and they are still going strong to this day. In fact, when I have gone back to eat there, they are still mobbed and they are located in an out of the corner area, but when the food is good, people remember. The family that owns Roman Village have opened several more Italian a bit more upscale compared to the original, but still the same food and the new restaurants are called Antonio’s Cucina Italiana. I am just a purist when it comes to pizza and I like it loaded with toppings and extra cheese and don’t forget the anchovies. Every time that I try something novel for a pizza, I usually get disappointed, but that is just me.

MI Antonio's BC
I find that pizza is very egalitarian when it comes to pairing with wine, even with the spicy styled pies that I prefer. We don’t go out that often just to have a pizza, but when I do, I like to look for something different in a wine. Pizza is not expensive and I try to get a popular priced wine to pair with it. The label that caused me to ramble on was La Chiara “Figini” Gavi di Gavi 1999 and it is a white wine from Italy. Gavi di Gavi is from the southern part of Piedmont and it has its own DOCG and the wine is made from the Cortese grape. This wine shows the terroir of the area, as the wine is very crisp and what I would call flinty, and God knows that I am not big on descriptors. To maintain this crispness this wine is aged in Stainless Steel for five months and if you can find a wine from this area, it is a wine that I would recommend drinking it during its youth, as I do not think it is one for aging. See what happens when I start a new project.

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