A Reception

There I was at a reception at the Detroit Athletic Club surrounded by a sea of ladies in evening wear and the men in tuxedoes. We all looked like grooms, there were only a few that missed the invitation instructions of “Black Tie” which means tuxedoes, if it had stated “White Tie” that would have required Tails, and only an old clothier like me, would have picked up on that. The ladies were all in dresses, except for my Bride, who had found a Navy and Black Tuxedo for herself and it was fun, if I do say so myself. The Detroit Athletic Club was designed by the famous architect Albert Kahn in a style called Renaissance Revival architecture. Albert Kahn was the lead architect in the glory days of Detroit, not only designing the Detroit Athletic Club and other famed social structures, but the Fisher Building, Cadillac Place, but also industrial plants, a hospital, a synagogue, and an aquarium; and that doesn’t even cover it all. The Detroit Athletic Club was actually designed for the magnates of industry in Detroit as a safe haven during inclement weather as there are several floors of apartments that the members could use and hence stay downtown to be close to their business. While we were milling about in the two rooms designated for the cocktail hour, we heard chimes and we were directed to go up the central staircase to the Grand Ballroom for dinner.


With our response card, we also had an option for three choices for our dinner entrée; Beef, Fish or Vegetarian. We started off with the Monterey County Salad of Spinach, Bibb and Radicchio lettuces with Mandarin Oranges, Strawberries, Golden Raisins, Candied Glazed Pecans and a Poppy Seed Vinaigrette ladled out by the staff. This was followed by a sorbet to cleanse the palate and lead into the “Beef” and had a Filet Mignon also with the potatoes and asparagus. My Bride and I split our meals, so that we had a “Surf and Turf” dinner. This was followed by a slice of the wedding cake that we had seen during the Cocktail Hour, and then there was a Sweet Table set up in the adjacent room where the bar was also standing.


The choice of French wines for dinner were by the same house of Les Vignobles Foncalieu, but under a different label. The offerings once again were Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay. We both had La Petite Vigne Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 with the IGP Pays D’Oc, the same appellation that we had during the Cocktail Hour, so I will not go into the details again of this large area in the South of France. I would also be remiss if I did not mention the wine that was placed at each place setting for the toasts, I did not get a chance to photograph the label, but it was Domaine Chandon Blanc de Noirs NV from Napa Valley. This sparkling wine is made from Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier and there was a good pour to get everyone through all of the toasts before dinner. It was a memorable evening for us.

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4 Responses to A Reception

  1. Mukul Manku says:

    Nice post and pictures.

  2. Looks like a great event! You guys look quite debonair.

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