I have never been to any of my high school reunions, only because my graduating class was huge, I mean like university size. I only basically knew my homeroom class from my curriculum, my school was immense as it was one entire city block in size and nine stories tall, and we were all from different parts of the city. I recently went to a high school reunion as a guest and this class was about thirteen hundred in size, but there were only about one hundred of the alumni that attended this reunion. I will not give the date of the class, but I went with my Bride and outside of the eight people at our table, I knew no one else and my Bride did not know that many more that were there. The funny thing is that one of her sisters also was attending her reunion for the same school, albeit a different year at another location, on that same night, so there were Shamrocks celebrating at another place as well.

The reunion was held at De Carlo’s a catering hall within the general area of where she had grown up, though it was far enough away from where we now live, that we decided to get a hotel room for the evening. The reunion also had a disc-jockey who volunteered his services as he was also an alumnus of the class. The disc-jockey played the music of that year and even included a countdown of the top twenty songs of that year. Unfortunately, there was another party in the next room over and they played music their music so loud that the music in our room was almost drowned out, except when one was on the dance floor. There was a video of classmates that are no longer here and they had several drawings and the funny thing is that both my Bride and I had winning tickets. There was a dinner catered by the hall that evening and they had an open bar. The food was the standard array that catering halls live by and it was set up as a buffet in a side room to the main hall. There were several salads with assorted dressings, a couple of different vegetables and three entrée servings of chicken, pork chops and roast beef. After dinner, a sweet table was set up for dessert and coffee.

The bar area was one of the busiest spots that evening and the bartender seemed to keep everyone happy. We were in an upstairs hall of the complex and it was quite warm and it seemed to get even warmer after people started dancing. On occasions like this I tend to order white wine, because it is chilled and if there is no complexity to the wine the chill tends to mask it and make it more palatable, and it works no matter what I decided to have from the buffet line. My Bride and I were having Vista Point Vineyards Chardonnay NV from California and I am sure that it must be a popular winery for catering halls as it is probably a good profit enhancer. The wine had a slightly off taste at first, that seemed to disappear while having dinner and after dinner I just got acclimated to the taste and it was chilled. We attended not for the culinary or wine aspects of the evening, so all was good. By the way I discovered that the number two and number one songs of that year were:” Maggie May” and “Jeremiah Was a Bull Frog,” but that evening Jeremiah forgot to bring his very fine wine.

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