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Ms. Yoga finally finished her high school reunion and she was staying with us for the night, before she was going to the airport to go home. Of course the Casa de Raconteur was all set to prepare the lodging bill. She had a great time from the moment that she left us at Fleming’s Steak House to stay at a nearby hotel, that other of her alumni had chosen for the weekend. With her bubby personality, I am sure that those that remembered her and even those that didn’t wanted to reacquaint their bonds from a few years back.

Terra dOro Pinot Grigio 2013

I had to work for a few hours and by the time I got back home, there was a mini-party going on. Ms. Yoga had invited one of her old girlfriends to join her at our house for dinner and drinks. Her friend had brought barbequed spareribs from one of the chains nearby with the assorted sides that one associates with that dish. My Bride made some more appetizers and sides. Ms. Yoga had stopped by the first day and she must have emptied out Trader Joe’s Market, so that she could have munchies for the weekend. The end result when I got home, the island in the kitchen was covered with food, and since I was Johnny-come-lately, I was just enjoying what ever was left from their feast.


Did I mention that there was wine? Ms. Yoga has been with us many a night dining and drinking at points in this country. As I said before, we have partied in Michigan, Florida, and North Carolina and in Napa Valley; she was with us the night we were at The French Laundry. Well she had brought the last of the wine she had purchased and it was open, so I had to try some. It was not “Two/Three Buck Chuck”. She had brought Trader Joe’s Petit Reserve Viognier 2015 with a North Coast AVA. I really could not find much information about this wine, but suffice it to say, that they have a strong and loyal clientele that supports them, not only in the food end, but also in the wine selections. The wines are produced in the “big” farming method, which is all mechanical, no nuance, but a product that tastes similar enough to what the label reads.  They have also pioneered the concept of using lighter weight bottles and cartons to reduce costs even more for shipping.  I went and got a bottle of white wine from the cellar, as soon as I got home, so that it would chill, as there was the Viognier and there was also my Bride’s back up Chardonnay. I opened the last, I think, of the Terra d’Oro Pinot Grigio 2014 from Santa Barbara County. We bought all of this wine when we were at a wine tasting at a restaurant one evening. Terra d’Oro began as Montevina Wines in Amador County and they were the first to produce wine there since Prohibition. They are now owned by the Trinchero Family Estates and I think that is why they can offer wines like this from other parts of the state. All in all, it was a pleasant night and a shame that we won’t see Ms. Yoga for awhile and my Bride nixed the idea of sliding a bill from Casa de Raconteur under the guest bedroom door.

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