The Last Day of the Fair

The Wyandotte Art Fair was finally coming to a close, but that meant another twelve hour day and the good news was that because I got there early I only had to walk six blocks to get to work. Another hot and sweltering day and I had to wonder how all the crafters were eking out an existence under the sun and their tents. Then there was the constant bombardment of assorted different cooking trailers, barbecues and other foods typical of the event. I was glad that I was indoors and keeping the store in some form of normalcy between waiting on customers and directing others to the register area.

J Moreau & Fils Vouvray 2013

The thought of where to go eat finally entered into my mind, as I was getting hungry after about seven hours of “retailing.” I decided to go to an old standby from my years of visiting Wyandotte, not as an employee. I decided to go to R.P. McMurphy’s a wonderful watering hole and restaurant that has the aura of perhaps being a speakeasy from the Roaring Twenties era of the last century. The restaurant is named after the main character from the play and film “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” How appropriate that I would decide to dine there with the fair taking over the downtown area. The restaurant was packed and I had to sit at the bar and eat, which was fine, and something that I normally don’t do. I passed on all of the colorful sandwiches named after other characters of the play and decided to have some good bar food, namely a Cheeseburger. Every once in a while I get the craving for that classic dish, and when I do, I try to indulge the inner child of mine.

MI RPMcMurphy's MB

Since the day was hot, I knew that I was going to have white wine, and yes I don’t mind having white wine with a burger. It makes me feel almost like I am at a picnic or at the least an outdoor affair, only with air conditioning. It was the second time in a week that I was going to have some Vouvray wine. The wine selection was J.Moreau & Fils Vouvray 2013 and the Moreau firm is a respected negociant. This wine is from the Touraine district which is the heart of the Loire Valley, and while there is a Touraine appellation, I was having a wine from probably the most famous appellation in the Loire, namely Vouvray. The wines of Vouvray are made from Chenin Blanc grapes, or as the locals call it Pineau de la Loire and it is high in acidity, which makes it enjoyable to me in the hot weather. Also because the wine has high acidity, it is one of the few white wines that is known for long cellaring, though I have never had an older Vouvray; I only know from what I have read and heard. I thought it was very fitting that I should be found with Randal P. on that hot and crazy long weekend.

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