The Art Fair Starteth

You may not be aware of the fact, but I am semi-retired and trying to acclimate to this new life style.  I guess that I am a clothier at heart and a merchant as well.  I was studying the calendar and realized that I had a two week window, where I would hardly have a chance to enjoy my blog and all of the readings of other writers, so I worked at a break-neck pace and almost wrote a whole month’s worth of articles before the two week interval that would be devoid of writing, but not of wine.  First up was the long weekend of the Wyandotte Art Fair, where the main street is blocked off to all traffic and I had to walk on the average of about ten blocks each way from where I parked my car, because of the Art Fair vendors and patrons.

Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc 2014

It was a very hot weekend temperature wise, and even the store had a whimsical flair to it, with big tents out on the main drag, and racks and racks of sportswear arranged to entice the shoppers that were afoot.  Thankfully my expertise is clothing, which in the Men’s Wear industry refers to suits, sport coats, trousers and all the other accessories to finish an outfit, and thankfully people other than myself still do dress in this manner.  We may have had the front doors open, but I was basically still in an air conditioned environment and for that I am truly happy.

MI Whiskeys on the Water Interior

While the street was a mixture of assorted scents from the different street vendors plying their trade, one could smell barbecued ribs, Italian Sausages and an assortment of other dishes.  When it came time to eat, I ventured out among the throngs, but made a determined walk to one of the newest restaurants that had opened, and I have already mentioned them in an article, but I was seeking sanctuary from the crafters and I decided that I would have a better chance dining in a finer restaurant and spending a few dollars more, and it was worth it.  When one is dining alone, which is the norm in the retailing world, one is interested in speed to a degree, and who wants a three or four course meal when one is by themselves with only the company of a Sudoko or a Crossword Puzzle as company.  I went back to Whiskeys on the Water and got a small table off to the side for myself.  I ordered a classic Reuben sandwich for my meal, and while the meat was cut properly, it did not have the heft that one would expect from a deli, and I do not mean the monstrous open face sandwich that one gets at the Carnegie in Manhattan.  It was a hot day and I was trying to decide what would work with a Reuben and I decided on a cold white wine that would not fight the spices of the corned beef and all of the fixings.  I had a glass of Nobilo Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2014 from New Zealand and it was part of their “Regional Collection.”  Marlborough is probably the largest area in New Zealand and produces about seventy-five percent of all the wine, and Sauvignon Blanc is the king of Marlborough.   It is a wine that I tend to go to when I want something that will be light and crisp and an easy accompaniment to what ever I have to eat.  I even enjoy it with a Cheeseburger, there are days when I am not fussy at all, but just want to have a good safe drink with my meal.

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