A Beautiful Wedding

We recently went to a beautiful wedding at a public golf course complex that did not appear or act like a public course. The accommodations at Cherry Creek Golf Club were delightful and it was a pleasure to be there. The ceremony was outdoors near where the reception hall was, and the nuptials were even officiated by the Groom’s Cousin and the walk way was strewn with petals covering the grass, and the grass as to be expected at a golf course was lush and verdant, while everyone I know is cursing that there home lawn’s are burning up from the Summer Sun. The weather was perfect, and even the duffers that were out that day, did not over shoot the pin and there were no errant golf balls to disturb the ceremony.

Canyon Road Wines

After the ceremony there was a reception outside for everyone to enjoy the wedding and the weather. There was a well stocked bar, even offering the Bride’s favorite cocktail, as well as all of the other drinks that one would expect. There were also servers walking around with appetizers before dinner; the appetizers were Thai Chicken, an Italian Antipasto on skewers and Bruschetta. After the cocktail reception we all entered the main dining room for dinner and the continuation of the festivities. The “Cherry Creek” salad was a nice mixture with a light vinaigrette dressing, and there were bowls of crumbled bleu cheese and crumbled walnuts if one wanted to add them to the salad, and this was to accommodate any potential food allergies of the guests, and I thought that it was a nice touch.  The next course was a bowl of Farfel Pasta in a Palomino Sauce that circled the table in a family style setting. Then we went back to full service for the entrée, which was a plating of Filet Mignon, Chicken Caprese, Roasted Ratatouille and Whipped Potatoes. For dessert they were serving slices of the Wedding Cake, which had three tiers; Banana Cake with Chocolate Ganache, Marble Cake with Raspberry Mousse and Yellow Cake with Strawberry Mousse. A dessert buffet table was also set up in another room for more sweets. My eternal question that I ponder at every wedding is why is there such great dance music played during dinner and is never heard again? My Bride and I broke Wedding protocol and went to one of the side rooms out of the view of everyone and we danced several dances before the couple actually danced, and our music disappeared.

Douglass Hill Pinot Grigio 2015

There was a mix of wines being offered and during the Cocktail reception after the ceremony, since we were outside; I went with some chilled white wines. The white wines were from Douglas Hill Winery, part of the Bronco Wine Company umbrella company. I first tried the Douglas Hill Pinot Grigio 2015, and it was the sweetest Pinot Grigio wine that I had ever had. Luck had it that I was talking to one of the cousins that I knew that likes sweeter wines, so I gave her my glass to enjoy, and then I went to get a glass of Chardonnay. Unfortunately the Douglas Hill Chardonnay 2015 was sweet as well, so I just nursed it, under the sun, until we went in for dinner. The red wines were all from Canyon Road Winery, and just like the Douglas Hill Winery, the wines all carried the broad California designation. The Canyon Road Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 was fine with the dinner, and I actually had a second glass of it. Later on after dinner I walked over to the bar and asked for another glass of the Cab, and they poured me a glass of the Canyon Road Merlot 2014, and there was a marked difference, as I found this wine to be on the sweeter side, which was a bit disconcerting. The Cabernet Sauvignon was the high point of the wine for the evening, and I have to say it was a beautiful wedding. My Bride and I did get out and dance a couple of times later in the evening, but I guess the disc jockey had lost most of his society dance music by then.

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