The Light is Always On

I always joke that I should trim a bit of wood off of the door on our guest bedroom, so that I can just slid the “hotel bill” under the door, to which I usually get an elbow jab from my Bride. My Bride not only likes company for dinner, but she likes when we have overnight guests as well, which is good, it makes sure that we do some deep cleaning. Over the years we have had plenty of guests, starting off with some guests for our wedding, just after we bought our house.

Beringer Knights Valley CS 2013

This past weekend we were pretty busy. One night our son and his wife came and spent an evening here, as they were getting ready to fly to Mexico for a vacation. Of course they had to get up around three in the morning to go catch their flight, since it is no longer the most convenient thing to fly these days, and my poor Bride shuttled them off to the airport. She is much better at things like that, than I am, and can bounce back easier. That day we had to immediately strip the bed of the linens and put freshly pressed new linens back on the bed, because our Brother-in-Law was flying in to see his Father for Father’s Day, and since he was by himself for that trip, he asked if he could stay with us, and that was great. This following weekend his wife and his one daughter will be in town for a Baby Shower, so the daughter and our granddaughter will stay here for the weekend and that will be nice as well.

Wine Bag

After his flight, my Brother-in-Law went shopping and bought a half case of wines, three he took for the Father’s Day dinner with his family, and when he returned, he opened up a bottle to share with us, and he left two bottles her for his wife to have while she is in town. He opened up a bottle of Beringer Knight Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2013. Beringer Vineyards is California’s longest continuously operating winery, as they opened in 1876 in Napa Valley, in what is now known as the St. Helena AVA. They actually produced wine during the Prohibition Era, getting permission to make sacramental wines for churches. The main difference about this particular wine is that it is from Knight Valley which is Northern Sonoma County and is known for their gravelly, volcanic soil, as opposed to their home base operation in Napa Valley. Both Beringer Vineyards and Cabernet Sauvignon are both major entities in Knight Valley, though neither is exclusive for the area. It was a most enjoyable drink that we had, and we shall look forward to seeing his wife soon enough, and as they say “we will leave the light on.”

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3 Responses to The Light is Always On

  1. joyofwine says:

    I’ll be right over! 😆

  2. We have the same problem at our house – the light is always on. It’s one of the challenges of living in Napa Valley – everyone plans a visit once they find out where you’ve moved. Let me know how your guests like the idea of the bill under the door. If it takes, we’ll give it a try. Check out and follow our wine country blog:

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