“Sharing the Rough”

I live in the Detroit area, not exactly the cinematic center of the Universe, so when I had a chance to attend the premier of a movie, I jumped at the chance. “Sharing the Rough” is a documentary film that goes from the actual mining of colored gemstones in Africa, to the cutting and faceting of the gem, to the jewelry design for the gemstone. I am not a jeweler and have never been in that business, though I certainly enjoy the art and appreciate the finished products that are offered. I must admit that I know the writer/director/producer of the film, and I just marvel and perhaps envy as well, his desire and his ability to get films made. This is his third endeavor as a three-in-one artiste, and not everyone can actually live their dream as well as he has.

Domaine de Nizas Rose Languedoc 2014

While “Sharing the Rough” has played at assorted film festivals to acclaim and sold-out status, I did not attend any of the festivals, though I did get to savor some of the excitement second hand following my friend’s postings. I mean this is very heady stuff and it makes me all the more proud that I can say that I know him. The film had its premier in Northville, Michigan, because that it where he grew up and he wanted to share the film with his friends. The theater that was chosen was the historic Marquis Theatre in downtown Northville, and the building was originally built as an opera house, then onto vaudeville, cinema and live productions. Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford have performed on the stage there, where I got the chance to watch the film. In fact, for all of the years that I have been in the City of Northville, this was the first time that I had ever been in the building, and I just spent time looking at it, appreciating all of the work that went into saving and rehabilitating the theater. I had purchased two tickets, of course, and at the last minute, my Bride became ill, and after I made sure that she was alright, I went to the showing by myself, but there were plenty of people that I saw there, so I really did not feel alone. In fact, as I sat in one of the last rows, I was in the same row, as the very proud parents of the director, and they also enjoyed some cameo appearances in the film.

MI Sharing the Rough Poster

When I got to the theater, I got a chance to watch people getting photographed against a background of logos, just like in Hollywood, and if my Bride had attended, I would have done it as well. I had extra time before the film started, so I went across the street from the theater to a restaurant that I used to go to, but it had changed hands and décor as well. I did not have time to dine there, but one day I will, but I did have time to stop and have a chilled glass of wine in the interim. It was a beautiful summer evening and I saw a new rose wine to try. I had a glass of Domaine de Nizas Languedoc 2014. Like the young man whose film I was going to see, this wine was also a “triple” as it was a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre, the famous trio of grapes that is famous from the Rhone Valley, and in California, those that attempt making wines from this trio are called “Rhone Rangers.” Languedoc is part of the area that was known for years as Languedoc-Rousillon with the sub-region of Coteaux du Languedoc, as it was known from 1985 to 2012, and in 2007 it was changed to Languedoc. The wine was delightful, dry and crisp, and perfect for the evening. I was also invited to the After-glow party by the family and it was at Genitti’s Hole in the Wall, just a wonderful place to spend some good time with friends. There were chafing dishes of hot food, and platters of cheese and charcuterie for all of the guests to enjoy. Part of the charm of Genitti’s, is the ambience, the wine glasses are jelly jars or similar type containers in another life. There I had a glass of Liberty Creek Winery Chardonnay NV, a California wine, where not only are the grapes blended from all across the state, but the wine is blended from year to year, to maintain a certain taste. Liberty Creek wines are very popular with catering companies and restaurants that use a lot of popular price wine, without the fanfare. The evening was charming, even with out my Bride at my side, and all that I can add is that Francis and Marty better start looking over their shoulder for the next Italian “triple-threat.”

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  1. Thank you so much ! We are affected by your article that speaks so well of our wine!

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