More of the Cultural Exchange

The Caller and his wife were handling the “Cultural Exchange” with all the grace and wit that they are known for. There was even an excursion out on the lake as they showed us all of the little coves, inlets and some of the tributaries. We also looked at some of the beautiful mature trees in the area, and not to mention the some of the wildlife around the lake, and one of the other guests was very astute with his knowledge of both of the categories. We also checked out the bridge that was closed that caused us to back up and go around, and looking at the bridge from that aspect, I guess it was a wise decision from the state to close that bridge down for vehicular traffic.

North 42 Degrees Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Besides the cocktails, wine and appetizers there was also a delightful meal that was waiting for us. The Caller had the most unique barbecue that I have ever seen, not that I am such a maven on them, but he is, and he even had a unique manner for igniting the coals, as he is not a fan of gas grilles. For a few moments, it looked liked Mother Nature was going to give us a difficult time with the event, but it all worked out well, and I guess that he has an inside track on these matters. Even though there was a bit of discussion about how one of the individuals like their steak, The Caller cooked the most perfect monster beef tenderloin that I had ever seen, and I might add tasted. Everybody raved about the steak and the grilled vegetables as well.

Sirius Red Grape Dessert Wine NV

As for some of the other wines that we had that evening, and I was instructed not to bring any wines, as they were to come from some of the other guests or from The Caller’s cache. One of the wines that another guest brought was from Colchester, Ontario. North 42 Degrees Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 with a Lake Erie Northshore VQA was a charming wine, though not as full bodied as a California or French Cabernet Sauvignon. A few years ago, I may have tried an Ontario wine with trepidation, but since I have acquired an appreciation for some red wines from Michigan and from the Niagara Falls area of Ontario, I am much more amiable and open to trying wines from new frontiers. After dinner we enjoyed a fortified wine from Traverse City, Michigan. Sirius Red Grape Dessert Wine from Black Star Farms just hit the right notes. This wine is made like a Ruby Port style wine made from Regent grapes and Grape Brandy and aged in oak for about a year, and they made fifty cases of this wine. I also have to mention that even though I was told not to bring any wine for the party, I did, and just added it to the mix. I also took a special bottle as a gift to our host for the day, that he kind of wink-wink, suggested that he wouldn’t be afraid to see another bottle that I had given him before on another occasion. So I took The Caller a bottle of Pot Belly Port 2002 from Pot Belly Vintners of Monterey County, made from the Souzao varietal, which I get from my Wine Club, A Taste of Monterey.

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