A Very Quiet Father’s Day

It was a very laid back and quiet day on Father’s Day this year. It was a day of catching up on different things. Catching up on the chores and unpacking of a trip that I haven’t even begun to write about, catching up on Social Media and trying to catch up on all things of The Wine Raconteur. Since we had a nice evening and dinner the night before, we just relaxed a bit, and I was glad to hear from all of my children, remembering me on my day.

Chateau Jacques Blanc Cuvee du Maitre SEGC 1999

My Bride made a very excellent dinner for the two of us, as we really did not leave the house. She made a couple of ten ounce filets marinated in Olive Oil, garlic and rosemary. She also made me some garlic mashed potatoes and she also made me a vegetable that she is not partial to, but that I enjoy and hardly ever have, some buttered corn. Maybe not a fancy gourmet dish, but it was just perfect on the day. She finished off the meal with a Strawberry Shortcake and the dinner worked for me.

Black Star Farms Sirius Cordial NV

I went into the cellar and grabbed a couple of wines to enjoy with our meal. The first was a bottle of Chateau Jacques Blanc Cuvee de Maitre Saint Emilion Grand Cru 1999. This wine is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon and from what I could discover is that most of this wine stays on the Continent. There are about a dozen Premiers Grands Cru wines of Saint Emilion and a huge count of Grand Cru Classes. This classification began in 1955 and has been updated a couple of times since then, as they do not want the wineries to rest on their laurels. The other wine we had was from Michigan and it was an enjoyable dessert wine. We had Black Star Farms Sirius Cordial NV from Suttons Bay. This particular wine was made from Chardonnay grapes and Chardonnay Brandy, so it is fortified and has a longer life. The current Sirius Cordial from the winery is now made with apple wine and maple syrup, and from that description, I am glad that I had this wine instead. Now it is time to relax for the rest of the evening and enjoy my wine.

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