The Milford House Bar & Grill

I have really come to enjoy Social Media, and at first I did not think that I would. It was quite contrary to what I had experienced in life as I am a people person. The wonderful thing about it is that one meets a lot people that you may not have otherwise, but it is great for finding old friends, as life takes on its quirky path. It is because of Social Media that I have found old school mates from my old neighborhood and perhaps, because of nostalgia the friendships feel even better now, then years ago. It is also a chance to meet up with large groups and with smaller groups for lunches and dinners to enjoy warm smiles again.

Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc 2014

That is how I ended up at the Milford House Bar & Grill, a delightful little tavern in downtown Milford, a charming community that my Bride and I have often visited. This tavern has been in existence for around twenty-five years, but it was off of my radar, as a place to try, as there are and were other establishments that were more geared to what we were looking for in a dining experience. Let me tell you that I was more then surprised at the quality and the range of offerings from the Milford House and they are not skimpy in the amount of food that they offer per plate as well, and that explains why they were so busy that afternoon that I was there. I tried one of their specials of the day which was a homemade pocket bread sandwich filled with grilled chicken, bacon and avocado slices accompanied by homemade potato chips. The sandwich was so large; there was hardly any room for me to enjoy the chips. I also saw that that a “half” salad was larger than a lot of salad entrees that I have seen, and there was still enough salad left for a “doggie bag.”

MI Milford House BC

There was an offering of about eighteen wines, all priced for quick sales, as opposed to cellaring; and they were a well chosen collection. There were a couple of generic house wines and then a group of well honored varietals that did not overlap each other. Since it was a nice sunny day and we were just inside off of the patio dining area I had chose a white wine to go with my sandwich. I chose a glass of Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc 2014 from Marlborough in New Zealand, and Sauvignon Blanc is the wine of choice when one thinks of New Zealand, and then a Pinot Noir. Nobilo is part of the large umbrella of Constellation Imports and their assorted brands of wines. Nikola and Zuva Nobilo moved to New Zealand from their home in Croatia during the Second World War, and they came from a long line of wine making in their family. Even though the wine industry really started booming in New Zealand in the last thirty years or so, the Nobilo family first planted vines in 1943, and wine in general was uncommon in New Zealand at the time. Over the years, Mr. Nobilo championed wines in his new homeland, and even fought to have the laws overturned, allowing people to enjoy having wine with dinner in restaurants. For all of his work, in 1994 he was awarded an Order of the British Empire medal for his contributions to the New Zealand wine industry. Even though this bottle of wine was his Regional Collection as compared to his Icon wines, it was a well balance bottle of wine and was perfect for the lunch and setting.

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  1. Nobilo is a nice everyday drinker. That wine stash i got at the estate sale included 98 Nobilo SB. I’m about 99% it’s about 15 years too old, but i wont let that stop me from trying it…

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