National Wine Day

For me and many of my friends, every day is National Wine Day, but according to the Wine Lover’s Calendar published by the American Wine Guide, May 25’th is the official National Wine Day, and yes I am still trying to catch up. Who knew that there would be so many events to write about in the month of May?

Try Wine with your dinner tonight

I would venture to say, that the concept of National Wine Day is to get new people to discover wine, because they would already be preaching to the chorus for all the current wine lovers out there. Restaurants, wineries, retailers and of course the wholesalers should be in love with this day, but I do not see it promoted as I feel that it should be. For me, wine is a natural item to enjoy with friends over dinner, as if you haven’t noticed. Most of my writing centers on the joys of wine in that setting, as I certainly am not a technical writer. It doesn’t even have to be a bottle that breaks the bank, just something that will enhance the moment; as I do write about wines in all price points, because I realize that people like to see wines that they may actually find. My belief is that the wine should be comparable to the dinner, if you are dining in a popular price venue, then the wine should be similar. I find it amusing sometimes when I am in an Italian restaurant with very good food and priced affordable; then I look at the wine carte and there were will be a few “name” wines, several mediocre wines and then a back page of a handful of premium wines that are not necessary, the restaurant would be better off, taking some of the money they invest at both extremes and invest in some unique interesting wines that would enhance their cuisine. I think a good wine selection and something for the help to discuss with the patrons makes for a much greater setting.

Wine adds to the pleasure of good food

I was looking for some visual aids to use for this article, and I went searching in one of my many other hobbies and found a couple of advertising poster seals, that were much more popular from the 1920’s to the 1940’s, and I would venture to say that the two items that I found were probably from the 1940’s. The two items were put out by the Wine Growers of California and they both show wine as an integral part of a dinner. I did a search of the Wine Growers of California and I could not find them, though I would not be surprised if they have changed the name of the association perhaps several times over, which is not uncommon for many organizations as the course of their focus may change. I heartily endorse their appeal back then, and I still approve of the concept of National Wine Day as well.

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4 Responses to National Wine Day

  1. It’s crazy how many ‘Wine Days’ there are now. Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Wine (general) etc. Not sure what’s going to happen when we all realize varietals outnumber days of the year… Suppose we’re going to have to change the calendar.
    P.S. There’s nothing like an additional excuse to drink wine!
    P.P.S. Retro posters are totally cool. So is funny pre-wordprocessor letter-writing conventions.

    • Thank you for stopping by and I am glad that you liked the old wine poster stamps. You might be interested in checking out an article that I did about the Red Cross and wines, just use the search box to find it. Yes, there are a lot of days to celebrate, but there are a lot of wines to try, so we shall find a happy medium one day. – John

  2. vinoinlove says:

    It’s so interesting that in the US you have special days so for so many things like wine 🙂 It’s something we don’t really have here in Germany – or at least I am less aware of.

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