A Quiet Mother’s Day

We normally do not like to go out for dinner on holidays, because we have found that the service tends to suffer, because of the hordes of people that only go out on holidays. Then there is the possibility that the menu may be a special one for the holiday, so rather than look for problems we usually stay home. There was a good size art fair in the one of the nearby communities and I thought that might be a nice way to spend an afternoon and then maybe stop at one of the many restaurants in that city. Unfortunately the weather did not look like it was going to be agreeable, since there was better odds that it would be raining. We had dinner on Friday night with our Son and his family for Mother’s Day and my Mother-in-Law was still in Louisville, so there would be no big family dinner. My Bride suggested that we go to the cinema and watch a film. It was her day and she wanted to go to a neighborhood theater in the next town, this is one of the few movie houses still intact, as compared to the mega-complexes that have become the norm, and alas this theater had succumbed to the financial needs and they retro-fitted the movie house so that it now had three screens where at one time there was only one screen. It is still a charming venue and we decided to get a quick bite before the movie.

Elsa Bianchi Malbec 2014

A couple of store fronts over from the movie house was a restaurant that we used to go to that had a very eclectic menu and featured jazz music, but alas the neighborhood could not support it properly (I guess) and it is now the Basement Burger Bar. They have a unique set up, they give you a menu, a two sided plastic covered sheet and a felt tip marker. You then build your own burger or salad from all of the choices offered and you make notations with the felt tip marker what you desire. There were several different choices for a burger, a myriad of toppings, choices of bread, and you even mark off the degree of wellness that you want the meat prepared, or on the other side were all of the choices to build a salad. We both ended up with a Kobe Burger, hers with Swiss and mine with Cheddar and we both had caramelized onions, very simple and neat.

Morande Pionero Pinot Noir 2013

The Basement Burger Bar had a nice selection of craft and popular beers as to be expected; they also had a nice selection of wines by the glass or by the bottle and not your typical choices. The varietals were expected, but the labels were not the local brands and that was refreshing to see. My Bride had a glass of Elsa Bianchi Malbec 2014 from San Rafael, Mendoza in Argentina. This is a single vineyard wine from the Dona Elsa Estate and it hit all the notes that a Malbec should be and not overly oakey. I chose a glass of Morande Pionero Pinot Noir 2013 from the Casablanca Valley in Chile. There have been some winemakers taking a chance growing this more fickle and demanding varietal in the valley, because of the cooler climate that is found there and there has been some success. The first sip that I had of this wine was a bit non-committal and then it started opening up and it was actually a nice glass of wine to go with my burger. We were both happy with our quick meal, but it is not what I would call “fast food.”

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