My Third Year as The Wine Raconteur

I guess it is time to open another bottle and give my self a toast, though I really don’t need much prodding to open a bottle of wine. I still consider myself a novice and I really don’t know how long most Blogs endure before ennui or burnout ensues with the average writer. I do know that there are some Blogs that I followed are no longer issuing articles and I cannot presume to know why. The first year that I started writing, I made sure that I had an article published every day and after the first year I cut back to an article every other day and so far that is working out well for me. If my count is right, this article will be my seven-hundred and thirtieth articles, and I am not sure if that is a lot or not, but when I hit the thousandth article I do think that I will celebrate that as a milestone. In three years I have also had over forty-seven thousand hits on my site, and I can not even say if that is a lot, but it does please me.


If you have ever noticed, I do not have anything posted about samples and my policy towards samples and that is because I have never been offered to write about a wine. I think that I have had two tasting room fees waived, during the course of the tastings, as I have mentioned my Blog and produced a business card that I have for the site. So that has not been an issue for me, the same for all of the restaurants that I have written about. I like to talk about wine and food, but I am not a critic of either per se, and I do not try to pass myself off as one either. I have been to some of the finest restaurants in the United States over the years and yet most of the finest eateries that I have visited have not produced large numbers for that article. I mean I have eaten at The French Laundry in Napa and at Daniel in Manhattan and they have been mere blips for the statistics. A couple of restaurants that I have written about in the last couple of years that have had remarkable statistics and the funny thing is that all of the articles that have done stellar are no longer in business. Perhaps I have hit people with nostalgia or they have found my articles doing internet searches with perhaps no interest in the wine aspect. The top three restaurants per readership that I have discussed are: Joey’s Stables, Major’s and The Canopy.

As for wine, and I have written about plenty of wine since I began and I am glad that I have the labels as proof. Since I do not write about wines like most other writers, perhaps I am consider a “light-weight” and I can live with that, because to me wine should be enjoyed and shared and not be put under a microscope. I have had the chance in my lifetime to enjoy some excellent wines and I have also had my share of table wines. I have had a ’21 Richebourg, most of the First Growths and I have even had Screaming Eagle; and statistically they have all been mere blips on the screen. Perhaps it is because I wrote about them, very early in my blog. At one time I just wrote a couple of articles about Bordeaux showing labels that I have had and those articles over the years have done well especially Pauillac, Saint-Emilion and Sauternes/Barsac. One of the best articles in regards to readership was about a table wine that my Barber suggested a 2008 Chariot Gypsy Red.

The French Laundry Entrance

Then I have written a couple of articles that just keep getting readers, and I really cannot tell you why, other than perhaps they are all from internet searches and curiosity. I have written about wine parties at home, wine tasting kits and even about kitschy ceramic wine bottles; and they are all great subjects for searches I guess. I have never been abroad, which is strange for a wine writer, but I have visited many wineries and shall keep visiting them, because it is my passion and true enjoyment. I am still feeling my way around, still reeducating myself about the craft of writing, because my literature and English classes were many years ago. I still feel that I am most comfortable writing to my invisible guest as if he or she was at my table as we share food and wine and I just try to give them some insight into the wine of the moment. I am not technical and most wineries can give more information than the average person needs as far as I am concerned. So I shall beg your indulgence and continue to write in my casual manner about how wine can make any moment so much more magical.

About thewineraconteur

A non-technical wine writer, who enjoys the moment with the wine, as much as the wine. Instagram/thewineraconteur Facebook/ The Wine Raconteur
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14 Responses to My Third Year as The Wine Raconteur

  1. Here is to many more years, John!! What a remarkable journey, and I have the same experience as you as regards to what posts get many hits…you cannot predict it. Well done, my friend!

  2. vinoinlove says:

    Three years is a great accomplishment, John!! Keep it going 🙂

  3. Stefano says:

    Congratulations, John, and a virtual toast to you, your fine and polished style of writing, your courteous manners and your stories behind the so many fabulous wines you have been enjoying. To many more of your posts! Cheers!

  4. talkavino says:

    Happy Blogoversary, John! Little by little, I grew accustomed to your writing style, and now always look forward to reading them. To many more happy years of blogging! Cheers!

    • Anatoli, thank you very much, and I appreciate your note that my style is a bit different, perhaps like a wine that is puzzling at the first taste. Thank you for your constant support. – John

  5. dwdirwin says:

    Happy Anniversary, er, blogoversary!

  6. Our blogiversaries are but a few months apart! Does that make us some sort of “Irish twins” or something? Congratulations!

    • Jeff, funny you don’t look Armenian. Yes we are quite close in anniversaries, but I do think that you are much more prolific in postings, but that is a good thing. Thank you for always stopping by, and one day I may catch you in Plymouth. – John

  7. Congratulations John! So glad to connect with you through social media! I really enjoy reading your blog and look forward to many more years! Cheers.

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