“The Caller” Shows Up in Midland, Michigan

I am starting to think that I am going to have to give “The Caller” second billing as he is all of a sudden appearing all over the map sending me cryptic messages about wines. I think he is having more fun with wines than I am at times. He also finds some wines that I may overlook, maybe not, but the one wine had a very unique label especially where it is from. His message to me was “lots of interesting wine in Midland mi eating paninnis” (sic); so one must presume that he is with friends and just out on the town.

If You See Kay Lazio IGT 2011

The first wine that he sent me a picture of was Vino de Eyzaguirre Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 from the Colchagua Valley in Chile. Chile is having a wonderful time with an explosion of better wines, and the Colchagua Valley is being called the “Napa” of Chile, because not only is it a fairly new location for wine production, but they are also building tasting rooms and making the area much more geared for tourists and wine enthusiasts. The Colchagua Valley is located in central Chile and is the South-Western half of the much larger Rapel Valley that has already been established for its wines.

Eyzaguirre Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

The other wine required much more research as the label appeared to be more California at the expense of Italy and is made by No Holds Barred Wine and is another venture by Jayson Woodbridge and Chris Radomski who have several assorted wine companies and brands including Layer Cake Wines. When I first saw the label all I could think of was an updated version of the old Groucho Marx song “Lydia the Tattooed Lady.” That is the fun thing about wine is that you can find something new all the time like the If You See Kay Lazio IGT 2011 that he was enjoying that night. Lazio is a new location to me and is in central Italy and home to Rome. This wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Verdot and Primitivo and after doing some research I have found that Cabernet Sauvignon has been planted in several vineyards in Lazio, because of the popularity that it has achieved in the Tuscan region nearby. Knowing “The Caller” as I do, he must have enjoyed both wines or else he would not have bothered sending me text messages and photographs of these two wines. I do wonder where he and his wife will pop up next.

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