A Few Great Memories

One of the great things about being on holidays is the chance to be a tourist and to learn and see new things. I have been going to Las Vegas for decades and one would think that by now, I would have worn out the soles of my shoes and not be able to see something new. I got a chance to see my Son’s new home and was able to take the Grandchildren out to a museum. One of the great joys when we are out visiting the Grandchildren is to be able to take them to a fun-filled place of learning, that they may not have a chance to do, since they live there and take for granted some places that may be considered “touristy.” We spent an afternoon at the Discovery Children’s Museum and it was all fun packed into three stories of learning. There was some purely fun rooms with water, a pirate ship, forts, make believe stores and a three story fun maze. There were also sections of learning about what liquid nitrogen can do to ordinary items, the chance to build an aero-dynamic kite or plane, a place to study fears and even a place to become a pint sized scientist about DNA. I am not sure who had more fun there; my Bride or the Grandchildren.

Cave de Lugny Macon Lugny Les Charmes 2009
We also got a chance to see the house that our Son and his family bought the past year, since we had been out there for a visit. A beautiful home in the Summerlin area with a small pool and spa in the yard, and a very well laid out kitchen. This kitchen enabled my Daughter-in-Law to create a wonderful dinner for everyone while we were there. She made some great Hungarian dishes for the dinner, and afterwards we celebrated the rest of the birthdays for some of the family members, just like we do at our home. We also had a chance to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day early with the Grandchildren and get another chance to spoil them.

Domaine Jean Marc Morey Grand Clos Rosseau Santenay 2003
We also took some wine with us, which I am sure that will not surprise anyone. We started with a white wine Cave de Lugny Macon-Lugny Les Charmes 2009 from the Maconnais. The Cave de Lugny is a co-operative of over two-hundred-fifty wine growing estates and it produces over fifty percent of the wine of the Maconnais. Les Charmes is a single vineyard that is famed for its unique wine in that the majority of the vineyard is planted with the Musk-Chardonnay a clone with the aroma of the Muscat grape. In keeping with the Burgundy theme of my choices we also enjoyed a red Burgundy wine. The second bottle that I had taken was Domaine Jean-Marc Morey Grand Clos Rosseau Santenay 2003. Grand Clos Rosseau is a Premiere Cru of Santenay which is located in the most southerly wine producing commune of the Cote de Beaune and of course is made from Pinot Noir. All in all the food and wine made for a wonderful dinner, but most importantly was the time we could spend with our children and their families while we were in Las Vegas.

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2 Responses to A Few Great Memories

  1. Everything good — reunion with loved ones, food and wine. What more is there to a good life?

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