Visitors on New Years Day

I have a quirk or an idiosyncrasy that what ever you do on New Years Day, will be repeated through out the year, hence I try not to do anything that is not fun. I will not do projects or chores on that day, as I would rather find something amusing or interesting to do. This year it was very easy and pleasing, and I do hope that it is a harbinger of even more pleasant events. The evening that I met my Bride she was with two other of her friends, the one friend she has stayed in constant contact with. So much so, that we attended her wedding, and we even spent a week in Napa Valley one year, if you want to talk about some great memories. We visited her several times in Florida and even went to North Carolina when she moved there for business. My Bride has even met her in Louisville on a couple of occasions, and they are very close friends. It has been about two years since I have seen her, and since she was visiting her family here in town, she wanted to get together. We decided to have her come to our house for a visit, and of course some wine, and she brought over another one of her friends that we also know.

Marilyn Merlot 1993

She likes to laugh and enjoy herself and she can take some teasing, because she can dish it out as well. She goes back to the first wine project that I did at my old house, which was a panel of wine labels to cover the door to my first wine cellar. Since she knew that I liked wines and saved labels, she is always looking for a wine that not only sounds interesting, but looks unique as well. One year, because she knew that I was fond of the French wines of the Cotes du Rhone, she brought me a bottle of a South African bottle of wine with the name of Goats do Roam, which was a good bottle of wine to boot.

Marilyn Merlot Capsule Top

As my Bride was putting out plates of cheeses and other assorted munchies, I went and got a bottle of wine to enjoy for that afternoon. I knew exactly what I wanted to bring up, as our dear friend had bought us the first of many of these wines, and she had bought it for me, strictly for that door panel on the old wine cellar. She had bought us one of the original bottles of Marilyn Merlot. Now there are some wine drinkers that would probably shun the wine, just on principal, but I remember having that first bottle of wine and being impressed with the quality of the wine. It is not Cheval Blanc, but it is not a bulk wine Merlot either, and through the years we have had many different vintages of this wine that has a great marketing strategy. A fine bottle of Merlot and the chance to look at a fine picture of Marilyn Monroe while enjoying a drink. I wish that I had a complete set of the wines, just for the great labels, but I missed a few years, but I can still admire the labels of the wines that we have had. Nova Wines of St. Helena produce the wines, and I opened up a bottle of Marilyn Merlot 1993, and if it had been a poor made wine, it would not have weathered the aging, even when stored properly. We all marveled at how well this bottle of Merlot satisfied, and when I went to do some research, I really enjoyed their statement about this particular vintage “moderately full in body (and dare we say voluptuous), it is at once both mouth filling and slightly tough.” After the years in the cellar, the toughness was gone, but it was still “voluptuous.” What a great way to start the New Year off, with good friends and a great bottle of wine to create even more memories of our friendship.

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