The Eighteenth, No the Twentieth

It is that time of year again; by Thanksgiving the Christmas Cards (with the annual newsletter) and all Christmas gift packages that have to be shipped are shipped, all the presents have been bought, wrapped and bundled by family. The Christmas decorations in the thirty or so boxes are brought up from the basement, and the house is decorated for the season, and did I mention that the thirty some odd boxes have to be taken back into the basement, the same day. Why the rush? The first Friday in December is my Bride’s Annual Ladies Christmas Party, a party tradition that the she took over from one of her girlfriends that had to move to another state for business. The amusing part of this year’s invitation was that it was called the Eighteenth Annual and upon retrospect, it was the Twentieth Annual party, which is a faux pas that I would have made, because it is a number, and it is usually I that make the numerical errors.

14 Hands Hot to Trot Red 2012

The ladies are all invited and then there is the coordination of the “pot-luck” foods that they bring to the affair. Once again our island in the kitchen and several of the tables are covered with different dishes and they all go and make their plates. There are appetizers, salads, sides, chicken and shrimp plates, and of course Deviled Eggs, that are almost a required dish. The reason I know about all the food there, is that I tend to make an entrance after the party has begun, and I go through and greet all the guests, make a plate and high-tail it to my office, far from the maddening crowd. It is better; that I make myself scarce during the activities of the party, and all the ladies can relax and be themselves.

Green Fin Red Table Wine 2012

I did make a couple quick trips back and forth to have a glass or two of wine, to see what the ladies were imbibing that evening. I ignored our house wines, as I know what they are, and I have written about them for different functions through the year. I tried two different red wines that evening. The first was Green Fin Red Table Wine 2012, with a California designation, by Green Fin Winery of Madera, California. This winery is from Bronco Wine Company, also makers of Franzia wines, one of the big bulk producers of wine that seem to be available everywhere, while the Green Fin wine appears to be for Trader Joe’s. The big focal point of this wine, which has no varietals listed, is that it is bio-dynamic, organic and vegan friendly, which are all the new buzz words for “foodies” these days, but the wine was not all that exciting for me. The other wine that I tried was from 14 Hands Winery of Columbia Valley, Washington and I have tried their Cabernet Sauvignon at another time. This evening though, I was trying 14 Hands “Hot to Trot” Red Blend 2012. This is a red wine that is a blend of Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and other select red varietals (what ever that means). This wine also enjoyed nine months in French and American barrels and there was some taste and value there, and I found it more fruit forward as most of the popular priced wines seem to be producing these days. All in all, I know that the ladies had a grand time, and wine was secondary or even tertiary for the night.

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